RS MP raises issues of adulteration of food

RS MP raises issues of  adulteration of food

Dimapur, July 26: The lone Rajya Sabha member from Nagaland, K G Kenye today raised his concern over the issue of adulteration and infusion of highly toxic and carcinogenic chemicals in food and essential commodities such as Formalin in fishes, Calcium carbide in fruits for early ripening and other lethal chemicals in essential commodities which has adversely affected the health of lakhs of population of the state and the entire region, which in his assumption is the probable cause of the high rate of cancer patients particularly in Nagaland and the Northeast region.
Speaking during the Parliamentary session at the Upper House, Kenye did not rule out the possibility of a larger conspiracy behind all this racket and urged upon the Government of India to immediately probe into the case by ordering the Investigating agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), since the Government of Nagaland alone cannot tackle the syndicate which spans across the country and has assumed an interstate dimensional modus operandi.
The MP stressed the need to engage the CBI to arrest the responsible crooks behind this sinister design.
The MP also stated that Nagaland and the North East being a strategic region bordering international countries, can be a medium of entry point for influx of goods from the neighboring countries and cautioned that there is a greater conspiracy to block trade and commerce from the mainland in-order to monopolize and control the economy of the entire Northeastern region. (Page News Service)