Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Rs. 22,70,000 under NVCS sanctioned in 2019

Kohima, February 25: District Legal Services Authorities under the aegis of the Nagaland State Legal Services Authority has been conducting awareness and sensitization on “Nagaland Victim Compensation Scheme, 2012” with youth/women organizations in all the districts. The scheme has been introduced for the purpose of compensation to the victims or dependents who have suffered loss or injury as a result of crime and who require rehabilitation.
In the year 2019, 19 cases were given compensation under the Nagaland Victim Compensation Scheme (NVCS), 2012. The total amount sanctioned was Rs. 22,70,000. Of the 18, ten were victims of rape and 8 were loss of life. The compensation is awarded to the family member and dependents of the victims. Seven applications in 2019 are yet to be given compensation. The total amount recommended is Rs. 28,15,000.
Applicants can make an application before the Legal Service Authority of the state attached with the FIR, medical reports, and the copy of judgment or recommendation if the case has been disposed.
After scrutiny, the award given is done based on factors such as the gravity of the offence, loss of livelihood, in case of death their age, monthly income, number of dependents, whether the crime was an isolate incident or part of a series over a period of time.
Wokha DLSA conducted the the programme on February 22 with youth, Church Leaders, Village functionaries of Nyiro Range, Wokha. Longleng DLSA subsequently conducted the programme at Longleng Town Baptist Church on the same date. Chairing the programme, Imlichuba, PLV also briefed about the Protection of women from Domestic Violence. Resource person P Monyei Phom, Panel Lawyer spoke on the scheme 2012 and Ajongba Imchen CJM/Secretary DLSA challenged the gathering to stand firm for their rights and summed up the programme. Around 60 beneficiaries attended.
Zunheboto DLSA conducted on February 16 at DC Hill Prayer Fellowship. The programme was chaired by Ashetoli, Assistant Pastor Sumi Baptist Church Zunheboto. Easter H Yepthomi Retainer lawyer spoke on the scheme. More than 200 beneficiaries attended.
Phek DLSA organised the awareness with Women Department, Phek Town Baptist Church on February 5. Cheliam Khiamniungan, Secretary Phek DLSA stated that law is not to punish the accused alone but victims of crime have right to get compensation for relief and rehabilitation. She also highlighted the procedure of availing the schemes and informed the gathering on the availability of Legal aid clinics/ PLVs, panel lawyers to render services whenever required. Pamphlets and leaflets in local dialect were distributed to around 100 members.
Mon DLSA organized on February 24 at Leangnyu Village with village council, church leaders, women society & students union. Angun, Panel Lawyer in her keynote address stated that our society can be developed in various aspects is we become aware of our rights. She also sensitized on POSCO Act , RTI, RTE, Lok Adalat. M Moba, Retainer Lawyer spoke on the scheme. Tingkai Konyak, PLV chaired the programme.
Tuensang DLSA organized the programme with ChessorePublic Forum, Chessore Village Council and Church Organization at Chessore Town on February 21. Programme was chaired by Soteth Anar, Project Assistant. Victo Sema, Chairman TDLSA gave the keynote address. Kumdilong Kessen, Secy TDLSA spoke on the scheme. Heroto, AAP Tuensang spoke on ‘Essential Elements in Customary Practices’. L Chuba Yim, Public Notary presented on Rules for Administration of Justice and Police in Nagaland, 1937.
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