Monday, September 20, 2021

RPP to initiate crowd-funding for completion of Foothill Road

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, AUGUST 5: Rising People’s Party (RPP) on Thursday announced that it will initiate a crowd funding programme to facilitate the completion of Foothill Road that will connect the foothills of Nagaland from Khelma in Peren up to Tizit in Mon District.

The announcement was made at a press conference held on Thursday at Kohima, informed a press release from the Party.
Considering the fact that Foothill Road project was first conceptualised in 1974, and taken up in 2013 by the NFHRCC, the leaders of RPP also appealed to all the people of Nagaland to embrace this project as their very own, by emulating the example set by ABAM in 2020 when it donated Rs 36 lakhs.
“This project should become a Naga success story”, it stated.
According to the Party, Nagaland MLAs are not serious about the project. “If they are serious, the project could have been completed by now. If all the 60 MLAs had contributed even 10% of their yearly LADF towards the project, Rs 80-90 cr could have been easily collected in the last 8 to 9 years or so.
“If this Foothill Road project is abandoned, the Naga people will continue to suffer from economic blockades and harassments in the hands of Assam. The RPP therefore appreciates the NFHRCC for consistently keeping the issue alive for the last 9 years and it also appeals to the Committee not to lose hope or be disheartened”, it stated.
The Party maintained that if a similar project in Manipur initiated by the IAS officer, Armstrong Pame could be completed within the year in 2012 with Rs 40 lakhs only, it was strange that despite the State Government pumping in Rs 70 cr, it could not complete the project still.

“According to sources, the State Government is not going to pursue the completion of the project”, it added.
The Party informed that it will release the details of the crowd funding project in a few weeks’ time.
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