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RPP asks NPSC to clarify unadvertised posts under DoTE

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 5: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has asked Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) to clarify why is has not yet advertised the post of 25 Lecturers and 18 Demonstrators under Technical Education Department.
In a press release issued on Saturday, the Party stated that on January 31 last it had requested the Technical Education Department to cancel its ongoing departmental recruitment drive and revoke the notification for the appointment of 16 posts of Lecturer, 8 posts of Demonstrator and 3 posts of Multi Taking Staff (MTS) as out of the 27 posts advertised for recruitment, 21 fell within the purview of NPSC recruitment process.
However, in its reply on February 1, the Department informed the Party that initially “all the posts as advertised in the newspapers have been requisitioned to the NPSC”; and in support of its response, the Department furnished documentary evidence showing that 25 posts of Lecturers and 18 posts of Demonstrators were requisitioned to the NPSC for recruitment in September and October 2021.
“The Technical Education Department’s unstated justification is that since there was no action on the part of the NPSC, the Department went ahead with the ‘temporary’ recruitment process. Be that as it may, the stand of the RPP is that under the garb of filling up posts, the Department cannot exercise an illegality, especially as the posts of Lecturers and Demonstrators fall within the purview of NPSC recruitment process.
“It’s an open knowledge that all departmental recruitment processes are farcical with the candidates already selected beforehand, and the conduct of written and interview tests are mere formalities to present the picture of ‘fair’ recruitment”, the Party stated.
It reminded that on October 5, 2021, the High Court had allowed NPSC to conduct exams and the preliminary exams for NCS/NPS have been conducted already.
There is no justification for the Technical Education Department to conduct a parallel examination unless the whole exercise is appoint to “politically-connected candidates, which unfortunately is the case, at the cost of deserving students”, the RPP maintained.
While seeking clarification from the NPSC, the Party stated that if it cannot even conduct the simple job of issuing advertisements, then there’s no reason for the Commission to exist.
“The candidates appearing for the so-called interview on the 7th, 8th, and 9th February for the 27 posts will be doing so at their own risk. For the not-so-politically connected candidates, the advice of the RPP is that by appearing for the interview they are simply wasting their time, money and energy”, it added.
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