Wednesday, April 14, 2021

RPI(A) all set to be launched in Nagaland

Dimapur, October 25: State president of Republican Party of India (A), Mughato Aye on Thursday said that Nagaland has witnessed emergence of several political parties since its inception as a state and yet the state still lacks good roads, bridges, power and water supply.
Aye said it is time that he and his political party take up these important issues; and with more educated people remaining increasingly unemployed, people will only understand and accept the ideologies of the party.
The Republic Party of India (A) would be launched soon in Nagaland.
Interacting with the media fraternity here at Hotel Acacia, he called upon the youths to enroll in the party and work for the betterment of the Naga society as he feels that since the party is a movement of the Dalits, SCs and STs, it is very much compatible with the Naga society and thus can transform Nagaland.
“It is a secular party,” he cleared and added that though it is aligning with NDA, it has different ideologies and reaches to the grassroots of the society to uplift the minorities.
Mentioning that the age group of 25 years and 45 years are going to be his priority group as this bracket has the power to bring changes, he maintained that opinions of people beyond this group will also be taken into consideration.
On the issue of ongoing political negotiations between NSCN (IM) and GoI, he said that his party will fully support the Framework Agreement, and called upon all the political parties in the state to unite for the future of Nagas.
On the occasion, he commented that people in Nagaland are confusing politics with money when money is not politics. He said in a way politicians cannot be blamed because they are spending all they have during elections and if they win, they try to recover the money spent and refuel them for the next election, and those who lose, they go almost bankrupt.
He said that there needs to be a change in mindset of the public and added that his party will promote NBCC’s initiative of clean election which would show its impact in the long run.
He maintained that politics in not power but a means to transform. He also said that his party is about humanism and not tribalism.
Will break away from NDA if ideologies are compromised: Deori
RPI (A) president of Assam, Hitesh Deori who also was present during the interaction said that the party is a part of NDA for now, but it has a different set of ideologies and once NDA goes against its ideologies, it will break away from the alliance.
Deori, who is also the convenor of the party in the Northeast region said that with Nagaland, it has its presence made in the entire northeast now starting with Assam where the party was launched in 2016 and during the assembly elections in Assam, it had fielded 23 candidates.
He also made it clear that there have been some reports from Nagaland that some people are using the name of the party to fool people by presenting themselves as ‘observers’. He said that the party has no such observer and Vinod Nikalje is the lone observer of the party for West Bengal and Northeast.
Diana Swu, the women wing president of RPI in her address said that unlike all other political parties that only keep talking about women empowerment during elections but are never serious about their promises, RPI wants to uplift the women in reality, educate them and facilitate them to have a sustainable environment.
She also said expressed her concern about working for the single mothers and widows in the state.
The party was formed in the year 1957 and has its roots in the Scheduled Castes Federation led by B R Ambedkar. The ‘A’ in the party name stands for ‘Ambedkarism’.
For now, only the president, women wing president and youth wing president (Hamjong Jesuhu) has been declared by national president Ramdas Athawale. Athawale is scheduled to formally launch the party by visiting Nagaland in December. It is also scheduled to be formally launched in Arunachal Pradesh on December 15. (Page News Service)