Row over land dispute between Jain Samaj, Army in Dimapur


Dimapur, June 26: A dispute over the ownership of a piece of land having an area of 8562 square meters located at Army Supply Road between the Shri Digamber Jain Samaj, Dimapur and the Indian Army on Tuesday led to a confrontation after the Samaj started construction work on the land and the Army wanted the work to stop.
According to the Jain Samaj representatives present at the location, the dispute isn’t new but a four year long clash which had culminated on June 21, 2018 after the DC Dimapur Sushil Kumar Patel (IAS) issued an order confirming the ownership of the Jain Samaj. On receiving the order copy, the Samaj had undertaken the work. However, the army claimed that they are yet to receive any such order and they cannot simply allow the construction work to continue.
Reportedly the land was bought by the Jain community in the year 2010 for setting up educational institutes, healthcare facilities besides others and was under the control of the Jain Samaj without any problem till 2014 when the Army claimed ownership over the land. This led to a four year legal battle till DC Dimapur ordered in the favour of the Jain community.
Till the end of the day, the issue remained unresolved. It was, however, learnt that the Jain community would carry on with the construction works as per the order of the DC. (Page News Service)