Thursday, November 26, 2020

Rotting system

Education grooms one’s capabilities and personality. In short, it is education in real sense that distinguishes humans from beasts. It is the quality of education that determines the future of any civilization in any field, be it technical, scientific, religious or moral. Education in broader sense is the continuous learning process that a person attains both formally as well as informally. Formally one is educated through different means like schools, colleges, universities etc. Informal education is attained through daily experiences of man, from his family, from his friends and relatives and from his society at large. Schools in general play a very vital role for the development of any society. Schools have the fundamental duty of moulding the mind of the tender souls – the children. But majority (if not all) of the schools in our State share a problem that is common to them all, and that is teachers themselves, be it Government school or private school teachers. However, the problem of Government schools is graver than privately run institutions. Most of these people in reality are not worth to be called as teachers. They are in this profession not because of their personal interest and passion but due to the fact that they could not find any other job. This we may say was their last option. When a noble and fundamental profession as that of a teacher is in the hands of those people who perform their duties unwillingly and without any passion for it, their justice to their jobs can well be imagined. The teachers of such kind impart education to the children that encourages the art of “cramming”, which must be discouraged in children from early ages itself. Ask a child studying at secondary school level to answer any particular question. The child will at once start answering the same in such a way as if you had not asked a student but switched on a tape recorder. The tragedy is that the child himself does not know what he is speaking, because he is not made to think over it by his teachers, rather these teachers compel their taught to mug up questions, no matter if the students do not know what they are speaking about? This approach will in no way promote the cause of education but in turn will hamper it. Such an attitude only promotes the cause of producing more and more flocks of so-called unemployed graduates and post-graduates. Another problem in our schools (mostly Government schools) is that the teachers posted do not go to duty regularly. They think that they are not accountable to anyone. If at all they come to schools, their most common time schedule is come late and go early after tea and some gossip. These teachers think that once they have been appointed as Government employees, the only duty that now remains is of collecting the salaries every month, as if there was no one who could question these so-called “nation builders”. What are they building apart from big and lofty houses? At this point, the thing to be discussed is accountability. We ought to have certain accountability agencies that could deeply assess the performances of teachers at various levels and consequently decide their future, whether to promote them or to rusticate them. This could help in upgrading the quality of education in schools. Now if we analyze the state of affairs of education in our colleges, it is no better than the conditions of most of our schools. Here the problem of students can be seen multiplying many folds. Most of the colleges (if not all) of Nagaland University do not have those facilities and infrastructure to sustain the huge and ever-increasing inflow of students for various under graduate courses. Another problem which is witnessed by a college student is the shortage of lecturers and professors in many departments of colleges, mostly in science streams. When this is the state of affairs, how can things improve? There are, no doubt, some honourable exceptions in the form of able and dedicated teachers everywhere. Their role is to undo the damage caused by the rest. Hopefully everyone realize their duties towards making education a vibrant system.