Ronit Roy says ‘thali banging’ is done, time to focus on more ‘pressing matters’

Ronit Roy says ‘thali banging’ is done, time to focus on more ‘pressing matters’

Actor Ronit Roy has said that he has initiated a drive to supply essentials to his building’s staff during the coronavirus lockdown, and has encouraged others to do the same. The actor took to Twitter to share the idea, shortly after agreeing with filmmaker Anubhav Sinha that such measures should be taken.
He wrote, “Aren’t we getting a little obsessed with the Thali banging part? It’s done!! We get it! Aren’t there other pressing matters to take care of? We have started chai, biscuit and snacks service for our building staff, watchman, cleaner etc on need basis . Request ya’ll to do the same.” The actor was making a reference to Sunday’s nationwide janta curfew, suggested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during which millions came to their balconies and, at the PM’s encouragement, banged pots and pans in support of essential service providers.
Ronit continued, “Let’s gear up to provide these people with basic rations which they will need shortly. A building society has enough people to take care of their help. Even cooked meals turn by turn from every house as suggested by @anubhavsinha can be given to building service staff.”
Earlier in the day, Anubhav had written on Twitter, “Hi friends. I am looking for some volunteers within 3-4 Km of Infiniti Andheri. People who will pick up grains from Near Infiniti and take them to 3-4 different areas for distribution to the needy. Hopefully twice a week. We will see as it develops. You should have 1. Info- where you want to take it. Who needs it. 2. Hopefully a vehicle. You can respond on my FB page.”
To this, Ronit had responded, “Anubhav this is great. I’m in. I have a workforce that we can use that’s at home currently. We will work out the safety issue. Would like to chip in some money also. Send me your number. Sudhir Sir has mine. Ronit.”
By ‘Sudhir sir,’ Ronit was referring to director Sudhir Mishra. The filmmaker also voiced his support for Anubhav’s idea and wrote on Twitter, “Anubhav had a great idea . Each flat in a society should cook for lets say 2,extra people . The society should then keep the food at the gate for daily wage earners like Auto drivers , delivery boys etc . Do it . It’s simple ! And spread the word .”