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Rongmeis celebrate Chakaan Gaan Ngai in Kohima

Chakaan Gaan Ngai

Kohima, January 25: The Rongmei Community in Kohima today celebrated Chakaan Gaan Ngai at Rongmei Community Hall complex in Kathuilong, Nagabazar here.
Chakaan Gaan Ngai is the biggest festival out of many festivals observed by the Rongmei Naga/Kabui tribe.
Gracing the occasion as the guest of honour, Tsütuonuomia Council vice chairman Kelhousinyü Solo appreciated the bonding shared by the Rongmei community with T Khel.
He also informed that the T Khel Council is considering extending support in developmental work of the Rongmei Community Hall complex.
Patrick Rongmei shared about the significance of the festival saying that traditionally it used to be celebrated for 3-7 days but with Christianity it has been cut down.
He also appreciated T Khel, Kohima Village for being the local parents of the Rongmei community in Nagabazar.
Chaired by Gaihaungam Kamai, the celebrations commenced with prayer by Pastor of Upper Nagabazar Baptist Church, Ruokuowhelie Pienyü while welcome address was delivered by Chairman Nagabazar Rongmei Development Society, Babu Golmei, festival organizing committee convener Thangchapu Rongmei tendered the vote of thanks and closing prayer by Catechist RCAK Francis Panmei.
The occasion was marked by cultural performances by women and children groups and concluded with pajeimei (unity dance) with guests and Gaan Ngai feast. (Page News Service)