Road to NU Meriema campus on verge of being cut off

Road to NU Meriema campus on verge of being cut off

Dimapur, August 9: Students’ and teachers of Nagaland University Campus Meriema are facing major problem to attend classes due to the precarious condition of road leading to the university. The road to the NU Meriema campus is on the verge of being cut off if rains continue to persist.
Nagaland University Students Union (NUSU),Kohima Campus (NUSU) president Chongrokhum said the road which was constructed less than a year back gave in to rainfall owing to the hopeless quality of construction and the precarious site of the road.
He said due to roads sinking and uprooted trees at several points, students are facing problems in travelling to campus. Classes were even put to halt for two days, he said.
Earlier, students had made effort in maintaining the roads with the geology students setting up pillar like structures above the road with tyres to prevent sliding of loose mud on the road. However such measures were only short term, he said and urged the concerned authorities to look into the matter and provide safe roads at the earliest.
“The present road condition to Nagaland University Kohima campus, after the landslide, is rather like a torn piece of paper then a path to an institution,” the NUSU president said. He said the road was not stable from the beginning due to landslides, yet no preventive measures like proper drainage system etc were made.
The heavy rains have also totally cut off the main road leading to Pauna men hostel and students have to take a different route through the thick forest to attend their classes. Minor cracks at the boys hostel are also visible, which if not taken care may soon collapse leading to the loss of both life and property, it was informed.
(Page News Service)