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RNPC appeals for inking inclusive solution

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Dimapur, October 2: The Rengma Naga Peoples’ Council (RNPC) has appealed to all the negotiating parties with the Government of India to use Gods’ given wisdom in inking the final solution.
In a release, the RNPC said the Rengma Naga People of Assam stands with rest of the Naga people and civil societies along with the NSCN-IM and NNPGs for an inclusive and honourable solution to the protracted Naga issue.
“Like any other Naga, irrespective of the artificial boundaries, we the Rengma Nagas also cherish the common aspirations of our forbearers and we pray to achieve the same in peace and with honour,” it said.
While appreciating the GoI for their understanding and acceptance of our unique history and right to self-determination, RNPC said without “Flag and Constitution” any solution within the Indian constitution would not be considered acceptable, honourable or final. “Therefore, if the GoI really wants to end this ‘almost a century old’ conflict with the Nagas, they must seriously take the ‘Flag and Constitution’ demand as non-negotiable and work it out.”
“Past history such as the infamous “Shillong Accord” which resulted in the current situation must be avoided and not repeated. Along with all other Nagas, we are praying and waiting hopefully for a peaceful and mutually accepted solution,” it added.
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