RMSA Teachers-2016 to stage protest from Sept 4

RMSA Teachers-2016 to stage protest from Sept 4

Dimapur, September 2: The Nagaland RMSA Teachers Association-2016 has declared its 2nd phase of agitation in the form of sit in protest at the Directorate of School Education from September 4 indefinitely.
The association is currently enforcing class boycott against what it called “the humiliating” Office Memorandum directing the teachers to either accept the reduced payment (by Rs 6315) within a month or face termination, which it termed as “nothing short of imposed slavery and severe discrimination.”
According to the RMSA teachers the issue of reduction in salary arose when the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India began implementing the new scheme called the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, which is a merger of erstwhile Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan(SSA) and Rashtriya Madhyamik Shikhsa Abhiyan(RMSA) in the State. This merger scheme (Samagra Shiksha Scheme) does not distinguishes the SSA and RMSA teachers and salary structures under the programme are based strictly on the different sections of the school taught – for primary teachers up to Rs 15,000, Upper Primary Teachers – up to Rs 20,000 and Secondary Teachers – up to Rs 25,000.
“Based on the aforementioned amount of Rs 25,000 which we RMSA Teachers are part of, the department served us the Office Memorandum which not only is discriminatory but also irrational and invalid as it is adduced using only those cherry picked contexts of the scheme which are of their advantage to make it resemble as though it is the whole truth thereby befooling its sincere employees. Further, attempted use of psychological intimidation of termination invoking the basis of engagement order is highly atrocious and misleading,” it said.
Claiming that the OM is “severely discriminatory in nature”, the RMSA teachers the Samagra Shiksha document elucidates that the prescribed amount of Rs 15,000, Rs 20,000 and Rs 25000 are to be solely segregated based on the different sections of the schools that the teachers are engaged with. “No different criteria for SSA and RMSA is mentioned as they have already been merged. Therefore, if the government were to apply the same condition to the present SSA Teachers who are predominantly engaged in teaching the Primary and the Upper Primary sections, they would be receiving significantly lower amounts as the prescribed amount is only Rs 15000 and Rs 20,000 respectively. The Office memorandum clearly states that Rs 25,000 is fixed for RMSA Subject Teachers, but even here, it goes to that proportion of discrimination where only some RMSA Teachers are served this OM,” it said.
The RMSA teachers also pointed out that RMSA teachers appointed in the year 2013 and on 2nd May 2016 are exempted “from the bondage of this OM”, it said while rejecting the “the flawed and imposing Office Memorandum.”(Page News Service)