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Rita Krocha’s ‘from the broken earth’ launched

broken earth

KOHIMA, NOVEMBER 1: from the broken earth, a collection of 60 untitled poems with accompanying pictures penned by Journalist, Poet, writer and owner of PenThrill Publications, Vishii Rita Krocha, was launched at The Heritage, Kohima, on Monday.

Officially launching the 44th Publication of PenThrill Publication House was Advisor to the Chief Minister of Nagaland and Vice President of Athletics Federation of India (AFI), Abu Metha. Congratulating the author on her work, Metha said that Naga society must support art, creativity and innovation. “It is art that will stay for hundreds of years. It is the work of the artists who will take us back centuries and millennia,” he added. He also talked about how artists, writers, creators and innovators influence minds and impact our thoughts and equated them as important leaders in the society, and further stated that if Nagas were to achieve a desired level of civilization then it must begin from recognizing art.
Mehta also regaled to the gathering how important of an asset Krocha was as a journalist for Eastern Mirror while he was Editor for the same.
“I think Rita is a Naga treasure, with all the hats that she wears and all things that she does, she is a treasure of Naga society”, he added.
Giving an introduction to her book, Krocha said that initially she did not set out to write a book but there were people along the way who encouraged her to publish the poems she had written over the course of the two years when the pandemic struck the world.

In a world before Coronavirus, I would have never imagined grieving the loss of a loved one from so far away. No country across the world was spared from the fear and I think, more than ever, we clung to life, despite the anxiety and loneliness brought about by the pandemic. Personally, I turned to poetry, because expressing myself in writing has always been the way toward making me feel better about life in general, she added.
She also talked about how she found hope in the goodness and divine providence of God through the darkest days of the pandemic. When everything seemed to have come to a standstill, flowers still bloomed, and seasons lived their time, the impermanence of life was made even more prominent by COVID, but I sought comfort in these unparalleled joys, and incorporated them in my writing, she adds.
Feminist Poet and Educator aka Mekhala Mama, Dr. Theyiesinuo Keditsu also took to the dais to share her thoughts on Krocha’s work. She said that Rita’s poetry has always reminded her of her favourite Imagist poet, William Carlos Williams. All poets paint images with words and Imagists like Rita direct their poetic gaze through the frames of a camera whereby we are blessed with a lethal combination of a poet’s photographs telling us exquisite layered stories, she added.

Keditsu also expounded that in cultural theory there is this notion of rupture which is understood as a radical and often forceful form of discontinuity, for all the violence and trauma, it is moments of rupture that reveal reality as construction and the Coronavirus pandemic is series of ruptures, a delude of wave upon wave, of tragedy, uncertainty and pain.
“If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that most of us survived this unimaginable, unprecedented pandemonium because of art. Whether it is through the divine or a piece of the divine in the minds of the artists, and it is this divinity that spoke to readers like me who had the pleasure to witness Rita process one poignant image and poem at a time”, Dr Keditsu said while admitting that she only logged onto Facebook to read Rita’s poetry.
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Kohima College, Dr. Avinuo Kire commented that Rita’s work from the broken earth is a sublime lyrical rendering of life. She said that the poems are a timely collection that reflects the mood of an age, the poet not only revisits timeless themes such as love and loss, nature and nostalgia, but there is too, growth and maturity, as she delves into pandemic experiences, poignantly evoking a sense of city to country through idyllic pastoral scenes and above all, exploring grief in all its raw intensity. The poems evoke a deep yearning for the past pervades throughout while charming visuals create a delicate intimacy as readers are given rare glimpses into what might be the poet’s own personal journey. All of this, with much heart and a quiet restraint ~ quintessentially Rita, she added.

Earlier during the programme, Pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Kohima, Rev. Keviyiekielie Linyii pronounced the dedicatory prayer and pleaded for the utterances of the heart that are recorded in the book to be blessed.
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