Rio tried to burn Nagaland: T R Zeliang

Rio tried to burn Nagaland: T R Zeliang

Dimapur, May 24: Former chief minister and present Leader of Opposition, T R Zeliang came down heavily on the present PDA government and particularly on Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio accusing him of creating all the disturbances in the state when he was sent to New Delhi to represent Nagas in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.
He said that it is because of one person that the state in facing this election and incurring so much of losses just because he could not remain in New Delhi after failing to get a ministerial berth and had to put his own home in fire.
He also questioned Rio’s integrity for leaving the lone Lok Sabha seat vacant for four months in such a crucial time of Naga history when a solution is being expected at any moment. He blamed Rio for all the mess that happened around the entire issue of ULB elections in 2017 and the deaths occurred thereby saying that even though he didn’t publicly get involved in that crisis, the public knows who was behind everything that had happened.
He said that it was Rio who in the first place included the Article 243 (T) in the Municipal Act for 33% women reservation and then he himself created problems against it.
Commenting on the promises that the new government made to the public about creating sustainable roads in all the district headquarters in the state within 60 days, he said that he doesn’t expect the new government to bring changes so fast but if the PDA government can go around making such big claims and making issues like VDB meeting, which happens every year publicity stints and present them as achievements, he should be able to construct the roads with 60 days but still except Mon, everywhere the situation is the same.
Questioning the transparency of the government, he said that during the elections, NDPP had promised transparency but it is beyond his knowledge who is the contractor of the constructions work happening around Dimapur, how many days have been allotted to the contractor and how much is the cost.
He further added that PDA government is using the funds of the DAN government and presenting them as their achievement.
Zeliang asked people to compare how many schemes from GoI the DAN government could bring in ten years under Rio and in four years after him and said that in the last four years 7 schemes were brought by the government and it was this bad relationship of Rio in Delhi that cost him an opportunity to become a minister.
Accusing the government for 24 backdoor appointments since the formation of government, he asked what changes the removal of VIP culture has brought in the lives of the people and how it is promising insurance to students studying outside Nagaland when the government hasn’t met any company in the first place and know not from where all the money it is going to cost would come.
He called the NDPP led PDA government a cheat.
On the issue of BJP being a part of the PDA government, he said that BJP was lured by NDPP by promising 20 seats after NPF refused to give it even 9 and now the party is exercising power over the functioning of the government which couldn’t happen when it was an ally of NPF as NPF had kept it in boundary.
Asking people to vote for NPF, he said that Apok won’t fail the people of Nagaland in Delhi as Rio did.
Bye-poll is a time to create history: Apok
NPF candidate for the Lok Sabha bye-election, Apok Jamir on Thursday called the upcoming election a ‘time to create history’ and to oppose the communal forces that are bent to destroy the secular fabric of the country.
Addressing a rally here at DDSC stadium, Dimapur in which a large number of the party’s big shots were present besides representatives from other political parties who are supporting the NPF candidate, he said that what’s happening in India presently is a change. He said secularism, democratic values and freedom of speech and religion are under threat and NPF has always strived to protect these and the identity of the Nagas.
He said for this very reason parties like NPCC, AAP Nagaland and others which want to protect secularism in the country have decided to collectively support NPF in this particular election adding that an amicable solution to the Naga political problem has always been the priority of NPF and the party will left no stone upturn to see that an early settlement is reached.
NPF will take over government within a year: Azo
MLA Kuzholuzo Neinu, who also spoke on the occasion claimed that NPF is going to take over the government soon and it would happen within a year and asked people to know that even if there comes a solution, it won’t be the final settlement unless sovereignty has been achieved.
He repeatedly reminded people to choose secularism over communal forces saying if what is happening in the country continues to happen, the country will disintegrate.
BJP hijacked by religious organizations: KG Kenye
Rajya Sabha MP KG Kenye said that in the beginning the leaders of the BJP were good people and they had marked clear boundaries between religion and government but in the present day religious organizations have hijacked the party and voting against them would be salvage for the nation.
He said that NPF being a regional party has an advantage over NDPP-BJP as the high command of BJP can dictate the terms of the party though the party members are Nagas but it is not the case with NPF.
AAP declares support to Apok Jamir
On the occasion AAP Nagaland also publicly gave its support to the NPF candidate saying that since AAP is not putting up a candidate in the state, it its lending its support to NPF rather than the NDPP-BJP coalition.
Akavi N. Zhimomi, ex-candidate from Ghaspani I, who made the declaration on behalf of AAP said justifying the act that this would bring a change in the governance. (Page News Service)