Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Revoke lease for tolls & taxes under DMC: PDR


Dimapur, October 14: The People for Democratic Rights (PDR) has demanded immediate revocation of the Government order leasing out tolls & taxes under Dimapur Municipal Council.
In a press release, the PDR expressed serious concern that leasing out of tolls and taxes under DMC has led to rise in rate of taxes, tolls and commodities, resulting in the public paying more for goods.
Various organizations in the past have widely opposed lease system and the tolls were collected directly by the DMC and that system proved fruitful for the public who received wide developments on various fronts, it reasoned.
However, PDR said against the wishes of the public, the Municipal Affairs Department went on to invite bids for leasing out the urban tolls and utility fees for DMC.
PDR alleged that more items were clandestinely leased out in 2018 including MS Rod, the rate for which has increased manifold after it was leased out and even changing the taxing system from per vehicle to per metric tonne. It said the Hardware Merchants’ Association Dimapur District has every right to oppose the lease system since it has increased the tax on the item in astronomical terms.
“Any government policy must be framed keeping in mind the welfare of the public. However, the lease system is outrightly against the wishes and welfare of the public and directly affecting the public in a huge way,” it stated.
Asserting that no Government department or policy makers should initiate steps to benefit themselves at the cost of the public paying heavy price, the PDR said it does not see any need as to why items have to be leased out when the system clearly brings down the revenue collection. Moreover, it said the DMC has hundreds of employees who can be assigned for toll tax collection and if at all, there is shortage of manpower, then DMC can also rope in services of hundreds of educated unemployed youth to collect tax by paying them lumpsum amount or on daily basis and provide a part time job/income for the youth.
Since the lease system is very much against the wishes of the public who are carrying the extra burden, the PDR demanded the Municipal Affairs Department to immediately cancel the order on tolls & taxes in respect of DMC. (Page News Service)