Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Revisiting the backdrop of agriculture

Agriculture is the pivotal ingredient in the archetype of our economy and the powerhouse that fuels all walks of subsistence essential to progress and survival. The agricultural yields are then transformed into monetary asset that holds value to make purchase of commercial goods that are satisfying to our needs. The net income of our state is mostly dependent on this equity of the total economic-agents, having about 60% of the population engaged, a steep decline of 10% compared to 1991 census – at least on paper. In spite of this agriculture predominantly caters to the generation of net revenue in the state GDP.
Has Nagaland been performing poorly to subject its prime directives towards the achieving end? As terrible as it sounds, Nagaland has an enduring rigor-mortis state of fiscal asset, but of course, we coincidentally obtained a special condition of faulty orchestration in our political time-events – plunging into the vacuum of corruption-loop, fragmented cesspool of politically targeted demotivation, lack of enthusiastic corporation/team investors, no or little practical help from the state government for promotion, providing and improving the rating of subsidized entrepreneurial gig and shareholdings sanctioned from the good sense prevailing out of necessity in a developing India.
Agronomic infusion into the ecological hive produces ample raw materials to quickly increase and propel industrialization. By this way, it’s no wondering-point why our economy – bombarded by an army of unemployed citizens, is back-pacing since sophisticated programmes involving both methods were denied initialization – for what else reasons. It is here the smudge on the economic portfolio creates further deviation of variants which are hindrances to balanced growth. With the little of what’s veneered in our melancholic rot of town imagery, with the horridly lack of intense networking of commerce/transportation, there is no hotspot for valuable raw materials to enter the production engines, hence enclosing the arcs of another great elementary factor of economic predicament to its total.
One of the key variables the architects in our planning commission seems to leave behind or miss out on -is procuring the skeletal framework (blueprint) to assimilate gleaning data and attributing it with periodical contingency, after on, executing the prime objective one-at-a-time – little-by-little. The lock for the key being the questions that is answered first with progress duly of imperative significance. It may not be the billion dollar question but this initial, without evading the questions-on-point, eradicates the natural instincts of self prioritizing emotions that encapsulates the human condition, into giving in towards the logic of efficiency constant (*e-c*) that are quantifiable in contextual frames of patterns via the egregore (brains department) reviewing of validation.
The increasing demand of growth for “urban infrastructure” has decapitated the tentacles-of-potential that foundates the hyperdrive pod where efficacious planning transpire into elaborative sustainability and wide margins of reliability during economic reforms. “Urban capitalization” the other way around broadly interacts with crosscheck mechanism that have been processed through consistent screening to increase innovation, identifying and manoeuvring growth dynamics, and consensus coherence – given the target is for a progressive event. “Urban infrastructure” and its impression could be felt and observed in the arcades of downtown and suburban Dimapur County. There seems to pop out commercial a complex structure more often than not, but in its place other turns non operational, or simply the spending capacity of the regular people is dispensed amongst the myriad merchants without any tangibly influential growth on the spender’s income. That is, urban capitalization is inclusive of human resource and treats it as a synergist inducing conditioning of his environment with benevolence, accountability and sweeping efficacy.
The two are proximally quasi-affiliated- as such -the former could be usually confused with urban capitalization, or derive misconception altogether – generating failed and unrealistic hypotheticals.
Our ancestors have been greeted with the loins of industrial revolution albeit late, but oddly enough our agronomy has yet by far made sufficient contact with revolutionary instruments. It is not a meagre matter of experience through which modern (industrial) methods have proved to be substantial than primary modes of tilling and “yielding of crops”. Our ancestors struggled to reflect the immediate environment and converge abstract potential from beyond the constraints of our piedmont terrains. On a more methodical lens based on eclectic data the subliminal contagion of reflective barrier causes a stiff syndrome in effect to poor customization of our ecological yields (socionics classification sheds some light on the fundamental cognitive functional set in extroversion and introversion psychological conditioned traits and their way of interacting with the environment on individual and group level – deriving from the theory of “conscious and unconscious” and “information metabolism” – a step further from mbti). For the brighter prospect, the visualization of high yielding of contingency and the estimation of ubiquitous data are conditional to generate effects that are easily constructed into reality, with rich body of instrumental elements.
With due headlights of consideration it is apparent if we prompt focus on terraforming and genetically enhancing our agricultural arena, if that is what sparks our common need for efficacious growth and rigor management will be drenched with festering technological inputs.
The stalling of rigorous agro activities because of the ensuing political inferno has absolutely caused increasing loss of opportunity, time, hope and money to the Nagas – as a citizen of India, Nagaland and on a personal level. This has indeed lead us into discovering some imminent objectives that are cardinally poignant if left unchecked and further procrastinated.
T Y Tikhir

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