Review NLTP Act: Naga mothers

Review NLTP Act: Naga mothers

Dimapur, March 4: The Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) has called upon the Government of Nagaland to review the Nagaland Liquor Total Prohibition (NLTP) Act 1989 at the earliest.
In a statement, the NMA reiterated its earlier stand that the State Government must call for wider consultation on the issue. “Certain laws like the NLTP Act were made at certain stages of Naga history. The Naga Mothers’ Association supported the stand of the then Nagaland Baptist Churches Council,” it said.
Stating that the rampant availability of spurious liquor which has led to hundreds of loved ones dying is a major health concern, the mothers said disclosure of alcohol syndicates, thriving spurious liquor business and nexus with all kinds of networks, including State agencies, is a wakeup call for the State Government and for all citizens.
Stating that the loopholes in the Act have encouraged defaulters to go scot free or with light punitive measures, the NMA said these loopholes in the existing NLTP Act must be reviewed. “And looking into the grim reality today, reviewing the existing Act should be the first priority of the State Government,” it said.
Though the State Government had earlier held consultations, the NBCC who had moved for the Act were not invited for the same. Proper debate on this should be held with the NBCC and all stake holders of the State, it maintained.
“One reason why mothers in villages and towns still move so strongly against the prohibition is because they live the reality of alcoholic violence, domestic abuse, poverty due to hard earned money spent on drinking. The NMA is also aware of the rising cases of alcoholism among women, young boys and girls including school children.”
Stating that prohibition in Nagaland back then was trying to address a social issue in the midst of armed conflict and people dying due to alcoholism, the statement said the NMA then as an organisation that supported the NBCC was trying to address the aftermath of alcoholism by opening the first Rehabilitation and De-addiction Centre with Kripa Foundation, Mumbai at Zubza, later shifted to Mount Gilead Home, Cradle Ridge, T. Khel Model Village, Rutsa By-Pass (earlier Seithogei).
From alcoholics and drug addiction to HIV/AIDS is Nagaland long struggle, so also mothers and women looking after such cases in Naga society, it said, while appealing to the State Government to call for debate with all concerned, including the Church, and review the Act at the earliest. (Page News Service)