Friday, May 24, 2024

Retired Judges write to CJI against attempts to ‘undermine’ judiciary

NEW DELHI, APRIL 15: Twenty one former Judges have shot off a letter to the Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud expressing their serious concerns over escalating attempts by certain factions to undermine the judiciary through calculated pressure, misinformation and public disparagement.
Out of these 21 retired Judges prominent among them were – Justices Deepak Verma, Krishna Murari, Dinesh Maheshwari, MR Shah.
Though the retired Judges did not specify the incidents which prompted them to write to the CJI, their letter came amid a war of words between the ruling BJP and opposition parties over the actions against some opposition leaders in corruption cases.
With affected leaders and their parties moving courts to seek relief, the BJP has often accused them of using judicial decisions selectively and cited any lack of relief for several arrested leaders to rebut the opposition’s criticism.
“It has come to our notice that these elements, motivated by narrow political interests and personal gains, are striving to erode the public’s confidence in our judicial system. Their methods are manifold and insidious, with clear attempts to sway judicial processes by casting aspersions on the integrity of our courts and the Judges. Such actions not only disrespect the sanctity of our judiciary but also pose a direct challenge to the principles of fairness and impartiality that Judges, as guardians of the law, have sworn to uphold”, the letter said.
“The practice of selectively praising judicial decisions that align with one’s views while vehemently criticising those that do not, undermines the very essence of judicial review and the rule of law”, the letter said.
They urged the judiciary led by the Supreme Court to fortify against such pressures and ensure that the sanctity and autonomy of the legal system are preserved.
“It is imperative that the judiciary remains a pillar of democracy, immune to the whims and fancies of transient political interests”, they said.
The letter further said that the strategy employed by the “certain factions” is deeply troubling; ranging from the propagation of baseless theories intended to malign the judiciary’s reputation to engaging in overt and covert attempts to influence judicial outcomes to their favour.
The Judges sought immediate intervention of the judiciary, while anticipating the SC’s (CJI’s) resolute guidance and leadership in these challenging times, safeguarding the judiciary as a pillar of justice and equity. (PTI)