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Responsibility of public servants to increase faith of people in Govt. system: PM

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NEW DELHI, JUNE 11: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that it is the responsibility of all Government servants to increase the faith of people in the Government system.
Addressing a gathering after inaugurating the first-ever National Training Conclave at the International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Pragati Maidan, here, he said: “Just like the institution of the Army has built impeccable credibility in the eyes of public, it is the responsibility of all Government servants to further increase the faith of people in the Government system.”
Discussing his experience of earlier serving as CM and later as PM, Modi underlined that the Government has never lacked talented, dedicated and committed officials.
The Prime Minister’s address was replete with many anecdotes and stories emanating from his rich political and administrative experience. By giving such examples in his address, he emphasized the importance of aspects like service orientation of government work, ownership in realising the aspirations of common man, need to break hierarchy and using experience of every person in organization, importance of Jan Bhagidari, the zeal to improve and innovate the system, among other things.
He added that the training modules should be oriented and developed such that these aspects are inculcated in the Government officials.
Modi said training should also inculcate a whole of Government approach, adding that all efforts must be made to nurture the potential of the officials. He also emphasised that the old approach where posting in the training institutions was seen as punishment posting is changing.
Modi said training institutes are one of the most important places as they nurture the personnel who work in Government for many decades.
The Prime Minister also discussed the vertical and horizontal silos and the shackles of hierarchy, exhorting officials to overcome them to seek out those with experience, regardless of hierarchy.
He emphasized that training should inculcate the importance of Jan Bhagidari in every Government servant. Explaining this to the audience, he credited the success of Swachh Bharat Mission, Aspirational Districts Programme, Amrit Sarovar and the substantial share of India in digital payments in the world to Jan Bhagidari.
The Prime Minister said training is for every level and for everyone, and in this sense, the iGOT Karmayogi platform has brought about a level playing field as it provides opportunities to everyone for training. He said iGOT Karmayogi registration crossing the 10 lakh user base mark shows that people in the system are keen to learn.
The Prime Minister added that the Karmayogi Mission seeks to improve the orientation, mindset and approach of the Government personnel so that they feel content and happy, and as a by-product of this improvement, the governance system improves organically.
He wished all participants of the Conclave the best for the day-long deliberations and suggested to them to come up with actionable inputs which will help in improving training infrastructure in the country. The Prime Minister also suggested making an institutional mechanism for organizing the Conclave at regular intervals.
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