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Response to Rh. Raising NSCN-IM

Mr. Rh. Raising Tangkhul a leader of NSCN-IM in his speech on the Agony Day of NSCN-IM on 27th September, 2022 stated, “The pro Shillong Accord elements in connivance with the Burmese and Indian armed forces attacked the Naga Army operation camp at Langnok where more than 70 Naga national workers including prominent revolutionary leaders Mr. Khasui Longvah, Chaplee Kilonser, Brig. Thungbo, Commander-in-Chief, Col. Ningon, GSO Naga army, Maj. Shongshen, Maj. Shatnam were killed.”
This is absolutely fictitious and a complete lie. So I am hereby responding in the name of Almighty God to Rh. Raising Tangkhul with known facts of the incident which took place at Langlok Camp on 27th September, 1980. Langnok Village is in Khiamniungan Region located in the Eastern Sector of Nagaland.
In the last part of 1979, Th. Muivah, Isak Chisi Swu, S.S. Khaplang and their socialist comrades deviated from the NNC/FGN by murdering the following NNC/FGN Authorities, Naga Army Officers and NCOs who were then working in the Eastern Sector of Nagaland :
1. Col. Yamtsethong Khiamniungan killed on 15th July, 1979 at Tsonkhao village.
2. T. Venuh Chakhesang, NNC Vice President killed on 27th November, 1979.
3. Venyi Rhakho, Chakhesang, Tatar killed on 27th November, 1979.
4. Mayanger Ao, Kilonswer killed in December, 1979.
5. Lt. Col. Vesazo Chakhesang killed in December, 1979.
6. Lt. Col. Süpong Ao killed in December, 1979.
7. Capt. Imsütoshi Ao killed in December, 1979.
8. Capt. Kumzak Ao killed at Paokingniu hill in December, 1979.
9. Capt. Keviletuo Angami killed at Lao Village in December, 1979.
10. Lt. Vejoyi Chakhesang killed in December, 1979.
11. Lt. Yanger Ao, killed at Hasik Village in December, 1979.
12. Sgt. Maj. Tinu Ao, killed at Hasik Village in December, 1979.
13. Sgt. Vetelo Chakhesang killed at Hasik Village in December, 1979.
14. Pinglang Khiamniungan, Runa Peyu, Kingphu Village killed in 1980.
15. N. Lorho Mao, Tatar Hoho Speaker killed on 2nd January, 1980.
16. Ngathingkhui Ahum Tangkhul, Kilonser killed on 3rd January, 1980.
17. Lt. Jacob Ahum Tangkhul killed on 3rd January, 1980.
18. Sgt. Maj. Gideon Ahum Tangkhul killed in January, 1980.
The above-mentioned renegades then formed the so-called National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) among themselves on 31st January, 1980 without any knowledge of the Naga people. Then they began to kill Khiamniungan publics on 15th February, 1980 and continued till 26th September, 1980 in the name of Pro Shillong Accord led by Capt. Shangam Tangkhul whereas the Khiamniungan people knew nothing about it. Besides the NSCN armed cadres killed 524 Khiamniungan publics including Pastor, Deacon, Women and Children within 7 months without any reason. Houses, Churches, Granaries, Wealths, traditional attires and all kinds of properties of 12 Khiamniungan Villages, viz;
1. Langkheng Village 2. Haikum Village 3. Asheiking Village 4. Chukie Village 5. Hiuphu Village 6. Taingan Village 7. Thang Village 8. Thingniungan Village 9. Thon Village 10. Tsemhok Village 11. Pang Village and 12. Kingjung Village were burned down into ashes. Mithuns, Buffallos, Cows, Pigs, Goats, Dogs, Chickens and other domestic livings were randomly killed and consumed. Even the ramnants were shot dead and left.
Hence, after so much of patience, the Eastern Command, Naga Army led by one Major along with angry Khiamniungan Volunteers in retaliation attacked the NSCN Operation Camp at Langnok on 27th September, 1980 morning and killed unknown numbers of NSCN cadres. Where the Burmese and Indian Armed Forces did not involve even in the dream and even a ghost of the enemy forces does not come on the spot. So, the question of attacking in collaboration with the enemy forces does not arise at all. God knows it.
6th October, 2022.

Shillim Khiamniungan
Senior national leader.