Response to Editorial


Dear Madam,
This is in response to your editorial, “So be it …” (NP, April 23, 2018). The effectiveness of the provision for death penalty for child rapist will remain just on paper unless there also exist political will, administrative neutrality, public vigilance and moral education. However, is there any penalty for the supporters of child – killer – rapists?
A reverse – Nirbhaya movement, as it were, was staged when some people, politicians and advocates had gone to such extremes as to openly leap to the defence of the criminals who kidnapped, raped and killed an eight – year – old girl child. This was done to create Bhaya (fear) in minds of Bakarwal community to which the Kathua girl belonged. This is a sad tale of not only lust but also of greed of some people who must have had a motive for gain in terrorising and banishing the tribal people from the forest area in Jammu province. This is an offence against our national flag, India’s image and above all against humanity.
Now, if some people can get away after publicly demonstrating in support of the child – killer – rapists with our national flag in their hands, how can a law, however stringent it may be, become effective?
Sujit De, Kolkata