Thursday, July 29, 2021
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Response of Vaison Vemai and Jonah Vemai to the allegation of NSCN (IM)

Compelled by the defamatory statement and misleading allegation upon our character beyond facts, we, VaisonVemai and V.S Jonah Vemai, inspite of reasoning to restrain ourselves from superfluous publicity, we are constrained to response to the clarion statements of the NSCN-IM.
Behind the step taken to leave our former organisation lies many a reasons therefore the insensible half-baked statements of allegations and falsely labelling us for the sake of political gimmicks is uncalled for. It may be mentioned that the NSCN-IM, with no other choice left, frivolously terminated us only after we officially joined GPRN/NSCN. Why are they so alarmed and apprehensive of us deserting them? Nevertheless, one cannot be subjugated to be perpetually confined to a faction/group if he or she feels and foresee a lost cause within it.
After passionately working and sacrificing for more than 3 decades, holding on to the ideals and vision our past leaders and patriotic elders, we feels hurt, violated and taken for granted more and more and senses hollowness with their (NSCN-IM) ever pacing rhetoric working culture, especially in the course of the last five years. The Almighty God sees everything that lies behind the curtain.
Accusation with an overnight cooked story of our involvement with the Indian agencies is a blasphemy and has no ground at all. Had the government been doubting our integrity why no proper reason/evidence given or action taken… why government remained silent and instigated us only until we joined GPRN/NSCN? Further, if introspected properly the reasons behind the contempt of Summon Order served to us in a fictitious manners, it would also certainly shed some light to any sceptical/doubtful members.Until so, amid the fallacies and unfounded allegations, we have faith that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.
The step taken to leave NSCN-IM does not mean we are leaving the national service and therefore the question (threat) of surrendering whatever properties in our possession should not arise as they would be rendered for the service of the Naga people until we retire to civilian life.
Therefore, in light of the many untold injustice and rhetoric culture practised in the government’s system, we, with prayers have chosen what would be the best for the Naga people and decidedto part ways from NSCN-IM.
May Our Almighty God, the God of truth and justice be our witness.Kuknalim.
Dated Dimapur: 19th July 2021
Vaison Vemai V.S Jonah Vemai
Former Steering Committee Former Steering Committee
Executive (IM) Executive (IM)

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