Friday, May 7, 2021
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Reporters ‘diary & pen’ now a security threat for Nagaland police?


Dimapur, January 26: A reporter of Nagaland Page assigned to cover the Republic Day celebration at the DDSC Stadium here Sunday was denied to carry pen and diary inside the venue by security personnel purportedly for “security reasons” following orders from “higher ups”.
The DDSC Stadium looked like a fortress with heavy deployment of police and paramilitary forces, including IRB commandos and jawan posted in the stadium and its vicinity to thwart any untoward incident.
Scanners were placed at every entry points into the stadium, and everyone was frisked. People carrying pen and papers were asked to deposit the same in a cartoon box and collect it while exiting the stadium. Surprisingly, there was no restriction on carrying mobile phones and cameras into the stadium.
When questioned on the reasons behind not allowing people or media persons to carry pen and papers inside the stadium, police personnel manning the entrance said there is a standing order from higher ups restricting anyone, including media persons, from carrying pen and paper inside the venue. “You will have to submit pen and papers or booklets at the entrance and collect it while leaving,” security personnel said.
Despite showing media ID cards, police personnel simply stated that it was a standing order and hence all needs to follow it. However, some media persons were not checked and entered the stadium carrying their pen and papers (diary, notepad, etc), which is a necessary for a reporter to do his/her job.
The district administrative or police authorities should clarify how they had come to the conclusion that a reporter’s ‘pen and paper’ is a security threat. (Page News Service)