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Removing FMR will have ‘excruciating’ impact on Khiamniungans: KTC

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DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 3: With more than 182 Khiamniungan villages established in Naga areas of Myanmar, the proposed border fencing and abolition of Free Movement Regime by the Centre would have “excruciating” and “terrible” impacts on the community, according to Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC).
In a statement issued on Saturday, the Council appealed to the Government of India not to “compare with the Manipur issue since Khiamniungan people are peace-loving tribe” and asserted that the Centre’s “pretence” of controlling smuggling of illegal substances was unjustifiable.
It reminded that the “emergence of arbitrary imaginary line demarcated into our soil, stretching from BP139 Thongsonyu-to-BP146 ITC (DAN) Pangsha” was neither consented nor accepted by the people of Khiamniungan.
“There are instances of people holding land on both sides of the border; this imposition is going to impact our daily activities which is predominantly dependent on agriculture ~ in losing major parts of our traditionally-owned jhum land and fields if ‘zero line’ comes into reality”, it stated.
Aside from the more than 182 villages in Myanmar, there are 46 Khiamniungan Naga villages in India.
The KTC appealed to the Centre and Nagaland Government to expedite infrastructural and developmental programmes at ITC DAN and realise the Act East Policy to bring people from both sides of the border for peace and development instead of “applying the policy of dividing our social, cultural ties and brotherhood”.
It stated that the Centre using force to scrap FMR would be “totally unacceptable” and would compel the KTC “to counter”.
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