The Naga People’s Front is amused to come across the NDPP’s press statement which apparently shows their lost of zeal to cope up with the standard of other political parties in the state.NPF is not interested in the nursery rhymes being sung by the NDPP choir every now and then whenever they find themselves in a fixed spot , nor is NPF here to subscribe to the set norms of the NDPP party regarding the proceedings of the Assembly session and the functioning of the Speaker’s office.
The NPF Legislature party has in no uncertain terms, expressed it’s extreme displeasure at the biased attitude and stepmotherly treatment meted out to it’s members during the recently concluded Assembly Session by the Speaker’s chair, and hence it is absurd and inappropriate on the part of the NDPP to lecture NPF about Assembly proceedings which they themselves should learn by heart as a still born political party, “NDPP should equipped themselves properly with the parliamentary decorum and norms of the house before pointing it’s finger at NPF which is way far ahead of them “.
The NPF legislature party has only pointed out the defects of the Assembly proceedings basing on solid foundation and reasoning with an objective to uphold the dignity and prestige of the decorum of the house , which was projected in poor light at the biased attitude of the speaker , and therefore, the NDPP have no moral right to lecture the NPF with threat and intimidation using phrases such as ” NDPP will ‘not tolerate disrespect to the speaker’s Chair”, which is very unbecoming and uncalled for.
Infact, NPF would like to ask the much acclaimed NDPP party workers whether they have witnessed the proceeding of the recently concluded Assembly Session , because any sensible person who attended the proceeding would have gained ample knowledge on how the most revered chair has failed to apply his wisdom and has kept the August House in shambles , remote controlled by the big bosses to escape further disgrace from the opposition bench.
The NPF is taken aback at the NDPP for comparing the 12th and the 13th NLA which are world apart as the two houses comprises of different representatives and there is no way that the two could be presented in the same picture as the circumstances leading to the previous political events are poles apart unlike the present situation which has 26 NPF MLAs in the opposition bench .It is also worthy to be noted that , the last oppositionless government has witnessed a situation where no questions could be raised by any members. Whereas, in the present 13th house, the Honorable Speaker has restricted it’s members to utilize the question hour judiciously on pertinent issues which is the bone of contention here. The question hour has been adjusted with the other items of the business listed for the day, and therefore, comparing the last and the present NLA does not hold any water.
The NPF has also expressed its shock at the manner in which NDPP has raised much hues and cries over the Speaker’s office, and hence , advised the NDPP to teach their MLAs well on parliamentary decorum of the house before they come for Assembly Session. NPF describe this childish behavior of NDPP as nothing but dictation of the speaker’s chair with malicious intent to snatch away the sanctity and purity of the speaker’s office by the NDPP party.
The NPF would like to remind the PDA Alliances once and for all that , Naga people have given their mandate to the NPF during the last general election due to the fact that NPF alone has returned 26 MLAs in the house of 60,breaking an all time record to emerge as the strongest and the single largest political party in the state .The NPF once again reminded the ruling govt to refrain from being scared of their own shadows and do away with the constant nagging feelings of insecurities which is leading them nowhere, but to concentrate more on the core issues in the state and further tightened their seat belt , get back to work and deliver what had been promised to the people of Nagaland at the onset of PDA govt.
Issued by: Press Bureau,Naga People’s Front
Central Headquarter, Nagaland, Kohima.

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