Friday, March 31, 2023
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Rejoinder to WSYF

The United Zeliangrong Youth Front (UZYF) attention is drawn by a disturbing and subtle call for violence by the Western Sumi Youth Front in the guise of demand for release of 4 arrested persons by the SIT.
The WSYF seems totally confused, as to what is to become of all the illegal villages set up in the land of Lamhai Village, and this is evident by the fact that while on one hand they say they do not “envisaged to interfere in the due process of law” and on the other they are hell bent on their demand for release of the suspected ringleaders of the 22nd March Massacre. If individuals holding power and civil society organisations start to demand and give ultimatum to the government in support of suspected criminals and murderers, what is to become of a State which so proudly proclaims itself as a Christian State?
We expect some sanity and humanity from our Naga brethren in the midst of chaos created by land encroachers and anti-social elements under the patronage of gun wielding goons, who have no qualms of torturing and mutilating another human before shooting point blank which is no different than the acts perpetrated by the ISIS and other terrorists organisations in the world. Now, instead of offering assistance collectively to nab the people behind the horrific incident, for a youth body to demand release is most uncalled for.
Regardless of the days or months, if the Investigating agency feels the need to keep the suspected murderers behind bars to unearth the true identity of all those involved in the bloodbath, it should be left to their wisdom and no individual or groups should even feel the need to shield those heartless humans by way of demanding for their release without knowing the progress of investigation on the matter in question.
While we undoubtedly understand when you say “initiate summoning all its resources” do not expect us to bow our heads and give up what was and is and will be rightfully ours. We are not living in an age where might is right but in 21st century where people are civilised and there is order in the society. Do not side with suspected criminals and murderers wilfully to serve some vested individual interest. Rather if you really desire for justice and peace, cooperate and help the investigating team to unearth the culprits before deploying all kinds of pressure tactics on the government machineries involved in the investigation.
The forthright support for the IRB Commander, who failed to act and let the terrorists have a field day murdering and terrorizing poor innocent unsuspecting villagers, right under his nose is also most appalling. The inability to act by the IRB is tantamount to dereliction of duty in the highest degree. The excuse of not obtaining ‘Order from higher authority’ to retaliate or make an effort to desist the unhindered firing of the terrorists, speaks volume of the incapability of the personnel to make use of his common sense and is not fit to be in the line of duty. Despite repeated request to him and his jawans to even open blank fire to deter the rampaging goons, he failed to act and watched as the villagers were shot at point blank and burnt. If this is not a fit case for termination, are we to assume that the State machineries are also hand in gloves with the terrorists? And was there some arrangement between the WSYF and the IRBs posted at the site, that the former is now openly supporting the inaction of the latter?
It would also bode well for the WSYF to kindly see the glaring facts on the establishment of illegal Kiyevi village under Peren District in the land of Lamhai, before writing rubbish and claiming for something which was never there to claim in the first place. Logical reasoning itself would suffice to say that all the villages established without knowledge and consent of the landowners under Peren District are illegal and as such a fit case to be evicted at the earliest. And we strongly support for complete eviction of the illegal villages just as Inavi village was evicted from Ntanki National Park under Peren District.
It is also pertinent to note the unsavoury narrative that the WSYF has been cooking up to rally support and sympathy of other Naga tribes by portraying that the lands of the Zeliangrongs under Peren District is being overwhelmed by the people of Manipur. In the years gone by, it was claimed that the Sumi villages under Peren District were established in ‘No Man’s Land’ however when that narrative failed to hold any water, it is now being changed to Peren District being home to people from Manipur. It is beyond comprehension as to why a youth organisation fails to see and understand the factual reality and continue to live in denial.
Also it may be made amply clear that the issue of murder of innocents should not be confused with district boundary issue and the Youth organisation should not confuse itself nor try to confuse the Nagas. Everyone is witness to the horrific murder and justice should prevail in our land for sense of safety and security in one’s own land.
We appeal to the Special Investigation Team (SIT) and the State government to not cower down to illogical demands but rather set a strong and exemplary precedent for criminals and murderers in our land by delivering justice as deemed fit.
Media Cell
United Zeliangrong Youth Federation