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“Rejoinder to SMWS on sand price hike”

The undersigned would like to give this rejoinder to the Sand Mahaldar welfare Society (SMWS), Karbi Anglong on sand price hike for clarity and consumption of the general public.
1. That when the truck was allowed to ferry 600 cft per trip the royalty was @Rs. 7000/- per trip which comes upto Rs. 12 per cft and if at all the concerned authorities has ordered to carry only 400 cft per trip the amount of royalty should be @Rs. 4800/-, as such the undersigned is amused by the logic of the royalty amount been hiked at Rs. 13,000/- per trip as we have been paying Rs. 12 per cft and the unreasonable hike in the price is burdening the general public who is paying the brunt of this illegal hike in the price. The price of the sand shot up to Rs. 60 t0 65 per cft from Rs. 32 to 42 per cft (Dimapur price) which needs to be resolved.
2. The contention of the SMWS alleging that the undersigned has been collecting Rs. 5000/- per truck against the lorry challan of underground parties is unfounded and fictitious as the undersigned has at no point of time collected such amount against any truck and if any members have collected such money the SMWS is asked to provide proof of evidence, so that action can be initiated against such erring members and if not the SMWS is asked not to make such wild allegation that tarnish the image of the undersigned. Mentioned may be made that the Nagaland state Govt. have closed down all the tool/check gate as such the allegation of collecting such amount is beyond comprehension.
3. That with the closing down of all tool/check gate by the Nagaland State Govt. all forms of taxations has been banned and the rate of the sand is supposed to come down, however the undersigned is amused that instead of cutting down the rate, the rate has shot up high exorbitantly which portrays the bad intention of the SMWS or the authorities concerned.
4.The undersigned is also pained to state that the truck is hijacked/stopped by the SMWS members even before reaching the designated Mohal and charged/ extorted Rs. 13,000/- per truck and all the Nagas truck are directed towards the Mohal of bad quality sand and the Nagas truck are not even given the liberty to choose our own Mohal causing such much of inconveniences and nuisance for the Nagas which is not acceptable.
5. The undersigned would also like to assert that if halting of truck carrying sand between 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM at National Highway is done in accordance with the Order/ Notification of the Karbi Autonomous Council then the Order need to be made public for posterity and if not such unwanted harassments need to be stopped immediately as by the time the truck reach Nagaland gate the time for No entry for heavy vehicle is imposed which is hampering the business activities leaving us in distress.
6. That SMWS instead of resolving the issue put forth for redressal has made unfounded allegations against the undersigned without taking into consideration our appeal, as such the undersigned has unanimously resolved to impose indefinite band of all the sand supplies within the state of Nagaland from 10th November 2022 from 5:00 AM and further resolved that if any suppliers, stockiest or individual is found violating this resolution the undersigned will ceased the goods and enforce appropriate actions against the concerned.
7. The undersigned would also like to appeal to the Nagaland State Govt. and general public to intervene and give its’ full cooperation so that the custom of the SMWS holding the Nagas at Ransom and fixing the rate of the sand at their own whims and fancy and undue harassments can be corrected and resolved for the goods of the Naga Consumers.
VINIHO SHOHE                                                                                KHRIESAVILIE YHOSHU
President                                                                                              President
Sand Stockiest                                                                                   Sand stockiest
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