Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Rejoinder to Open letter to Governor on Netaji and Naga Hills during World War II

The article which was published in Nagaland Page 8/3/22 by K. Puro drew our attention to reply his allegation against our press release ‘Our Subhas Chandra Bose’ on 26/1/2022 Nagaland post. The India Freedom Fighter INA Children Welfare in Nagaland (IFFINACWN) was formed by the freedom fighters dependence children’s in Nagaland consisting of 937 members. As a matter of fact, let it be remembered that Naga Hills underwent a large scale destruction and human sufferings during WW II especially in the present district of Kohima and Phek. Nagas assisted both the British and Japanese-INA in different capacities. But those who served and suffered for the Japanese-INA were completely forgotten all these years.
The (IFFINACWN) is an outcome of the effort to locate and assist people who suffered substantial loss or hardship as per acceptable criteria set by the Union Govt. It largely consist of people who suffered for a cause but has never been acknowledged or repaid in anyway thus far, and hence has remained an economically lesser privileged people. Presently 937 people spread in 26 villages are identified under IFFINACWN which we believe will expand further with more identification of people as per the criteria. The whole purpose of the organization is to locate and help our people and acknowledge their contribution, even if it is just in a small way for a cause which cost them a lot at certain point of time, however many of our people died too. People in other States who suffered much less than us are also been identified as freedom fighter as per criteria of the Union Govt. Don’t our people deserve it too?
It is unfortunate that there are people who wants to make sure that such assistance doesn’t come by casting aspersion through the comfort of four wall so called researched write up. Now the questions are; didn’t our people really suffer during WW II? Without one single field work or investigation, can anyone really be writing on an important issue like Bose or INA by just reading a book or two? The identified 937 parents serve INAs in different civil capacities when War came to their land for liberation of India from allied forces.
However, the IFFINACWN would not like to indulge in further slugfest as there are enough researchers and organizations who can take care of that as the goal of the organization is merely cause-oriented as mentioned above.But just for record, let it be known that long before this mud slug began, the presence of Bose in Naga Hills and Manipur Hills has been simmering for a long time as can be seen from the work of local scholars too which talks about Bose in these Hills (WW II and Nagaland, K. Metha,M.Phil thesis, NEHU, 1991, p.29., Naga Response to INA Movement, Esther Katar, M.Phil thesis,, NEHU, 1991, p.81) The most authentic sources are dairies of the participants themselves in the event. “Jai Hind”, is a collection of dairy records of Rani of Jhansi Regiment, writing on 4nd July 1944, it clearly mentions that “Bose was touring the whole frontier for the last two months and has personally inspired the soldiers of the Fauj, the hill area of Assam, Bose with his staffs officers examine the plans for campaign” (Jai Hind, Vithalshas K. Jhaveri& Soli S. Batufala (ed.), Janmabhoomi Prakashan Mandir, Bombay-1, Nov. 1945, p.97). Gordon Graham of the Queen’s Own Cameroon Highlanders who fought in the Battle of Kohima wrote that Bose himself was reported at Kigwema few miles away from Kohima during the Battle (All Trees are Young on Garrison Hills, Gordon Graham, KET, Bukinghamshire, p.53). Across the route through which INA-Japanese came, there are local information about Bose right from the Indo-Burmese border like Somra village till Kigwema including K. Puroh’s village Kikruma, where local information says Bose visited the Village too. During War time, as part of psychological and tactical warfare, it might made to seem like Bose was present in one place, but he might be in another place covertly especially if he was visiting risky frontiers areas. Without duly taking all sources into consideration, be it Anglo-American, Japanese, Indian or local and subjecting them to methodical test, it would be too premature for anyone to assume that Bose did not come to Naga Hills because lots of evidence points otherwise, until and unless someone has ulterior motive. Based on extant study, the issue is still open and without serious in-depth researcher, none is qualified to keep commenting be it us or Mr. K. Puroh.
With much difficulty, going through legal recourse like PIL, the organization has been fighting what is due for people who deserve it, but it would be most unfortunate if someone dares to jeopardize it with malignant intent.If there is anything due for our people be it from any source, it should not be hindered because at the end of the day, the concern shall pay the price for all.
Jai Hind.


Vevotso Sapu