Monday, January 18, 2021
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Rejoinder to NPCC accusing Dy.CM and BLP leader

The NPCC’s habit of barking up the wrong tree just to hog the headlines after all traces of its presence in Nagaland had been whitewashed in the last assembly election is once again manifested in the ludicrous attack against Deputy Chief Minister and BLP leader, Y. Patton.
With much reluctance, the BJP Nagaland is compelled to refresh public memory to remind the ‘Paper Tiger’ called NPCC of the ground reality, which the latter had completely ignored as it is still engrossed in building political castles in the air.
It may be recalled that the vote share of the BJP in the Nagaland Assembly Election 2018 was more than 14 %. Of the total 60 assembly seats, the BJP contested in 20 seats and won 12 seats, showing a success rate of more than 50 %, the highest by any political party in the last assembly election. Does this not imply the acceptance and trust of the BJP by the Naga people? Or is the Congress Party, which fielded 60 candidates and yet failed to open even a single account, suffering from a delusion of misplaced acceptance or popularity?
The NPCC accusing Deputy CM and BLP leader Y. Patton of making a “mockery of Nagas before the eyes of Mizo brethrens” for the latter’s statement that Nagas have accepted BJP, is thus amusing and can be termed as a personal attack on a leader who has outshone the parochial NPCC leaders.
On the road conditions in the state, the PDA is doing its best to amend and initiate what successive governments in the past including the Congress had failed in this sector. Though recent natural calamities’ in the state have hampered ongoing repair of existing roads and construction of new roads, nevertheless the PDA government is committed to deliver its promises, especially on road sector.
Union Minister Nitin Gadkari in November, 2015, laid the foundation stone for four-laning of Dimapur-Kohima National Highway 29 near Chathe River bridge, Patkai College junction Chumkedima, which is a fulfillment of the announcement made by then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpapee during his maiden visit to the State in October, 2003. This is evidence that BJP has concerns for the development of the State.
Unfortunately, the Congress ruled the Centre for 10 years (2004-2014) and the four-lane project was put in cold storage. Why was NPCC silent at that point of time? It was only after the BJP under Prime Minister Narender Modi came to power in 2014 that the four -lane for NH-29 was revived as now it has become a reality and soon the people of Nagaland will have quality road. It’s just matter of time the people have to bear the inconveniences while works are in progress. For the common good, the Party welcomes constructive suggestions rather than ‘for-the-sake-of’ criticisms.
Media Cell, BJP Nagaland.

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