Rejoinder to NDPP Youth Organization


The Naga People’s Front, Central Youth Wing is surprised to come across the immaturity of the ruling Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party (NDPP) voiced out by their Youth Organisation through its press release appeared in the local dailies on 30 July 2018, regarding ahead of the publication of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NCR) final draft, in which Leader of Opposition expressed his concerned and appealing all the Nagas particularly the Government of the day to ponder upon for the preventative measures against the influx of the illegal immigrants into the state.
Nevertheless, the NPF Youth can clearly see the visibility of the frustrated NDPP led PDA four months old Government in running the affair of the state through their negativism and ulterior motive in handling the state affair.
Albeit, the Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang appealing the public on influx of illegal immigrants into the State by calling upon all stakeholders, particularly those villages living along the borders, to stand together and take precautionary measures before it was too late, the immature NDPP as usual deviated the core issue and turned the appeal of the Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang into an irrelevant personal issue. But the Nagas see right through their cheap scheme of things.
Therefore, it is a known fact that the NDPP is habituated not only in shifting blames onto others but in viewing issues from the wrong perspective at any given opportunity and this predictable trait of the NDPP has once again manifested itself in public domain.
Nonetheless, the Leader of Opposition raised the pertinent issue as this was necessitated due to the release of National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam which would very likely endanger the State of Nagaland since huge influx cannot be controlled by checking of Inner Line Permit (ILP) alone. It is highly essential on the part of the Government to place additional administrative officers and forces to border areas of the State.
But the uncertainty on the fate of NDPP and the overwhelming anxiety of its party members stemming from the incompetence of its leader Neiphiu Rio has not only clouded the judgment but also veiled the perception of NDPP workers.
This has impaired their political vision and outlook rendering the Party helpless and wanting.
The NPF Central Youth also castigated the immaturity attitude of the NDPP, as evident from its press, the general public can expect no kind of solution to social problems leave alone the infiltration of illegal immigrants into Nagaland.
If NDPP believes that former Chief Minister, TR Zeliang is responsible for non-effective implementation of Inner line Permit (ILP) during his tenure of 4 years, what do the NDPP think about present Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio’s effort in streamlining ILP system in the State during his 11 years as Chief Minister during which the rarest of killings, arrest incidents were much higher than during the 4 years rule of TR Zeliang?
Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio did not pay heed to the contentious Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 when Civil Societies, intellectuals including the NPF Party and Leader of Opposition questioned him on the decision taken by his Cabinet on 5th June, 2018. The Chief Minister also kept silent on his controversial statement on Naga Integration Issue declared at New Delhi. He also remained silent on the 4 (Four) lane road from Dimapur-Kohima National Highway (NH) despite clear indication in the Contract Agreement that the State Government was supposed to take up the deteriorating road-condition of the existing 2 (Two)-lane with the concern Contractors. Sad but true, this deafening silence of the Chief Minister is due to the reason that there are no financial benefits from this issue.
The NPF Central Youth Wing impels upon the NDPP Youth as well as the Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio should come out with clear cut road-map on how to uproot the chronic problem of illegal immigrants in the Naga society instead of taking it to the arena of political parties at this crucial time. The Government of the day should act instead of simply issuing advisories. We should look at the prevailing burning situation and hammer out a solution instead of adding more fuel to the burning house.
The appeal of our leader, TR Zeliang stands firm and the Naga peoples’ Front once again fervently call upon the people of Nagaland to fight against the influx of illegal immigrant into the State. The issue of Illegal Immigrants should not be subjected to mere political debate. What the successive Governments, 11 years of Rio and 4 years of Zeliang, did or did not is redundant at this point. The time to play the devil’s advocate and mudslinging should be put to rest as crying over spilled milk will not yield result far less curb the issue of IBIs. The fate of 40 lakhs names which failed to make it to the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam is at stake and it is now anybody’s guess as to what the next step of these immigrants would be. Worst case scenario for Nagaland is that a few lakhs could creep into the State and add to the already burgeoning populace of illegal immigrants thus making us more vulnerable to the already impending danger that has been created by this menace. As such, the NPF Central Youth Wing while condemning the irresponsible statement of NDPP Youth Organization strongly feel that NDPP must not divert such important issues into personal attacks since the issue is for the people at large and not for any particular political party.
Issued by: Press & Media Wing
Central Youth Wing,
Naga Peoples’ Front.

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