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Rejoinder to GON false allegations on Rupin Sharma

According to the Nagaland post news, Morung Express and Nagaland Page News dated 22 June 2018, with regards to the #retainrupinsharma signature campaign, it has been highlighted that according to the Chief Secretary, Temjen Toy as per sources the Govt is blaming Shri. Rupin Sharma for engineering the whole signature campaign. Which in itself is a baseless allegations.
First of all the news media published in the local dailies of Nagaland Page dated June 15 2018 that Shri Rupin has been removed as DGP and replaced by John Longkumer ADGP Chhattisgarh and subsequently the other local dailies carried the news the next day. This is the main reason that took everyone by surprise especially the young people who is fed up of the corrupt system prevailing in our State.
Therefore it is very unbecoming of Chief Secretary and the Nagaland Government now changing their stand from saying Shri. Rupin Sharma as an inexperienced DGP than changed to saying his appointment is a stop gap arrangement and now saying he engineered this signature campaign.
When the Supreme Court clearly mandates that once a DGP is appointed he cannot be removed for 2 years, so when it is in the book of law why is the Chief Secretary Temjen Toy who was appointed as stop gap interfering and misleading the State and its citizens and also playing the nepotism game by trying to rope in his own relatives Shri TJ Longkumer? If the Govt claims that, Shri. Rupin is yet to attain certain criteria, than even after being well aware of that why was he appointed in the first place? And please note that when the Order of the Nagaland state Government was issued by the Home Commissioner on Nov 23, 2017, appointing Shri. Rupin Sharma as the DGP Nagaland, there was clearly no mention of stop- gap arrangement.
Shri R.Binchulo Thong IAS is the rightful Chief Secretary who was next in Line after Shri. Pankaj Kumar, so why is he been given the Additional Chief Secretary and Development commissioner and now transferred and posted as DG, ATI and Additional Chief Secretary (Rural Development) as per the News published from Nagaland Page 22 June 2018.
On March 18 2018, Shri. Temjen Toy assumed office of the Chief Secretary of Nagaland from the outgoing Chief Secretary Pankaj Kumar at Secretariat Plaza Kohima. Kumar cited that, “in the normal course, my friend and batch mate R. Binchulo Thong would have taken over Charge from me. As he is not well Temjen Toy is going to take over the responsibility”, citing health ground as the reason for R.B Thong’s replacement.
Now if Shri. R.Binchulo Thong is not in good health than why is he still in the service and being transferred here and there with the view that he is in fact in good health? Why are we allowing the Govt to appoint anyone they wish and remove any one they wish even when there are clear law and rules written in black and white? And when the appointment of the Chief Secretary is also a stop gap arrangement, when the rightful candidate Shri. R.B. Thong is still in the service for how long is this arrangement going to continue? Isn’t the Government of Nagaland answerable to its citizens? May the public and right thinking citizen be the judge.
Kavi Sumi Naga
Concerned Public

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