Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Apropos a news item that appeared in the Local Dailies under the caption “NDPP reacts to NPF” dated the 21st July 2020, I would like to give my reaction in brief as follows.
The NDPP said that I should be last man to be speaking about the political morality. Morality means concerning principle, behaviours and ethic. I think they are all averaged human beings and not super human beings and, therefore, they should not take the Naga people for a ride. I know that some of the NDPP media and communication committee members are very experienced leaders because they moved from the luxury political hotel of a party to another again and again and now landed in NDPP luxury political hotel, but nobody knows how long they will stay there because tourists are always on the move. Tell them that tourists do not talk about political principle.
When law and order collapsed in a State, that means there is no more rule of law in that State and therefore, people who are running that Government should own responsibility. They cannot shift the responsibility to others. This is the general norm of democracy. If they refuse to admit that fact, let them point out who is then responsible for collapse of law and order in Nagaland? If they say that collapse of law and order is not true, do they mean to say that some one is lying? If they refuse to admit the fact, why not take up the matter with the concerned authorities and justify their stand in spite of trying to argue off line to confuse the people. This question is exactly the one where the talk of morality lies.
They also talked about dismissal of my Government in 2017 in mocked expression. Yes, my Government was dismissed but the question of shame does not arise here because I have never asked for that chair. I have only responded to the request of my people and I have done my job satisfactorily during my short stay in the office by removing all irritants and brought the situation under complete control by personally taking up the matter with the agitating groups and solved the problems amicably. I am grateful to my people and the agitating groups in particular for extending their cooperation and support to me. If the NDPP media and communication committee members want to know more about it, let them ask their Chief Minister.
Dr, Shürhozelie Liezietsu, President, Naga People’s Front