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Reject money-power; embrace free & fair ULB polls: NBCC’s CEM to voters

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DIMAPUR, JUNE 23: The Clean Election Movement of Nagaland Baptist Church Council has sounded a call to the citizens of Nagaland to reject money-power and embrace free and fair elections in the run-up to ULB polls in the State.
In a statement ~ uncharacteristically unsparing, both in language and tone ~ issued on Sunday, the CEM stated that elections in Nagaland have historically been misused as one of the worst forms of corruption, “where the candidates are compelled to fritter away their resources, to wine, dine and entertain voters for any kind of inducement”.
“Their prostituted votes produce a democracy dirtied at birth which none can respect, least of all those who win the elections. Foreseeably, in the last Nagaland Legislative Assembly elections 2023, money was the deciding factor in many constituencies across Nagaland”, the statement read.
The CEC, however, propped the recently held Lok Sabha elections as different from “what we usually see in comparison with the other elections”.
“There was less use of money, no reports of violence, and other related vices usually implemented during election times. As the ULB elections 2024 have been scheduled for 26th June, there has been a lot of campaigning similar to or grander than the State Assembly election campaigns.
“This brings us back to the fact that the election process is one of the most easily abused instruments of political governance and management of society”, it stated.
The CEM then went on to compare the electorates with leeches “who come out to suck till we are full and roll away thereafter to our holes to hibernate unproductively till the next season of elections”.
It also stated that elections in Nagaland were like black holes. “They swallow up everything within their ranges ~ the light of shame, grace, and being responsible and caring for immediate and long-term consequences for our children.
“Let us not allow the formation of socio-political-economic-moral black holes in our very young society by resolutely taking a stand: saying NO to money-power and YES to free and fair elections. The temptations of elections are seemingly irresistible, relentless and invincible, but we can overcome them by our personal commitment to truth and dignity”, it added. [Read Full Text]
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