Regulating Ambulance service providers


Dear Madam,
Few months back my nephew met with a serious bike accident and few samaritians dropped my nephew to MH hospital for immediate medical treatment as his condition was critical. The emergency doctor immediately recommended the patient be shifted to Faith hospital. On request, an ambulance was arranged. On enquiring about the rates the driver of the ambulance bluntly said that I have to pay Rs. 1500 for the ambulance service for ferrying me to Faith hospital, a walkable distance of nearly 15 minutes and it will be nearly five minutes distance if travelled by a vehicle. After requesting the driver to lower the fare if possible on his part, he agreed to transport us if we pay him an amount of Rs. 1000.
After reaching Faith hospital I paid him his fare. But till date I do keep on thinking that is the ambulance service so costly in Dimapur. Will a common man be able to pay such in time of his emergencies. Ambulance service providers needs to fix a rate. Was my nephew transported by a helicopter for which I paid 1000 rupees?
Solomon Shaikh, Dimapur