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Regulated opening of New Market & Hongkong Market from Sept 4

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More relaxations in opening of shops in Dimapur

Dimapur, September 2: More relaxations have been permitted in Dimapur district in relation to opening of shops.
According to an order issued by Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, Rajesh Soundararajan today, all shops dealing in essential and non essential commodities in Dimapur district would be open from Monday to Saturday. The shops would open as per normal business hours.
Shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitality units, barber shops, salons, beauty parlours, gymnasiums and yoga institutes are allowed to open and function subject to strict compliance of the guidelines issued by the Government.
Vegetable vendors would sell vegetables in the colonies/villages only and not in daily markets. Vegetable vendors would be allowed to sell vegetables in Super Market, but hawkers/vendors along Super Market footpath would be prohibited.
Shops in New Market, Hong Kong Market, Hazi Park would be allowed to open from September 4 subject to conditions:
Hazi Park (Hong Kong Market):
All shops within the market/building complex are allowed to be opened on alternate days following odd-even system, i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Odd numbers; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-Even Numbers.
Shops which are outside the complex/market or on the roadside are allowed to open daily.
Shops that are located at Hazi Park in B and C Line are to be opened on alternate days, i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday-B Line; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-C Line.
New Market:
All shops that are located within the market complex are to be opened on alternate days following Odd-Even system i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Odd number; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-Even Number.
Fish Market would be open daily, however, one way entry/exit would be maintained.
Dry fish/mutton/chicken stalls would open daily in compliance with all safety protocols of COVID-19.
All shops outside the market complex would be allowed to open daily in compliance with all the safety protocols of COVID-19.
Vegetable stalls and footpath vendors would not be allowed to open for the time being.
No vehicle entry would be allowed inside the market complex.
According to the order, vegetable market in Purana Bazaar would be allowed to open on alternate days following odd-even system i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Friday-Odd Number; Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday-Even Numbers. All other weekly bazaar would remain closed.
Millennium market would be allowed to open.
Sport Complexes and Stadia are allowed to open without the presence of spectators/.
Private vehicles, buses, commercial passenger vehicles, taxis and auto rickshaws would be allowed to ply with strict adherence to guidelines as per SOP to prevent transmission of COVID-19.
Since there is no restrict on the intra and inter district movement of people across the state, no movement permit would be issued from DC Office.
The Deputy Commissioner has asked the Sub-Committees constituted in Sadar area and in the Sub-Divisions to strictly implement the guidelines as per SOP in their respective jurisdictions.
Earlier, during the Dimapur District Task Force meeting held today, Deputy Commissioner, Dimapur Rajesh Soundararajan IAS highlighted on the general portions and the protocols of the new SOP and said that with more relaxations, immediate focus would be on stricter enforcement of safety protocols.
He informed that normal business activities would be allowed as per the latest SOP issued by the Government of Nagaland with strict adherence to safety protocols.
He also emphasized on the need for sensitizing the people so that the masses understand the need and importance for taking individual precautions. Rajesh Soundararajan further directed the outpost officers to form committee and enforce the safety guidelines strictly. Further, he also impressed upon the colony/ ward/ GBs/ Village Councils in taking the lead and enforce the COVID safety protocols. Since there is free movement between the Districts
DC Dimapur informed that issuing of permits has been discontinued. He also highlighted that although the number of COVID cases has come, reminded that one should not become complacent but continue to take all necessary precautions.
CMO Dimapur Dr Mereninla Senlem informed that Covid cases in Dimapur are coming down with good recovery rate, yet felt that one needs to be more cautious specially during this month of September. . Urging upon the colony/ ward) GBs and VCs to continue to play their role, CMO Dimapur sounded that Dimapur can become a green zone if all work with unity and coordination.
Meanwhile, the proprietors of shops and business establishments which are allowed to open would make arrangements for keeping hand sanitizers or providing facilities for hand washing with soap and water for the public as well as for their own staff workers.
Public have been advised to come out only for essential necessities and mandatorily use hand sanitizers and masks and avoid crowding at shops/establishments.
Activities not permitted by the Government as per the SOP would continue to remain prohibited/closed, the DC stated.
The order comes into effect from September 3. (Page News Service)