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Registration of deaths important for introspect cause & delivery of medical service: Kevileno Angami

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KOHIMA, SEPTEMBER 7: Commissioner & Secretary for Economics & Statistics, Kevileno Angami, while expressing registration of the cause of deaths in Nagaland is still very low, today stressed the need to improve it to find reasons for introspection and help policy makers to streamline and reach medical services to the people.
In her brief remark during the launch of Medical Certification Cause of Death (MCCD) & Affordable Cancer Care Project at Hotel Vivor here, Angami said births and deaths are two vital events in a person’s existence while recording of births and deaths gives a person legal existence.
Recording of births and deaths is important for policy formulation and planning for the policy makers and planners, and therefore the importance of having authentic and precise data.
In Nagaland, the registration of births and deaths rules is in force, she said, adding that the Economics and Statistics Department have been given the charge for registration of births and deaths.
Nagaland has 1,486 Registrars for births and deaths, she said adding that in villages, school teachers are the Registrars while 11 district hospitals have the registry units while nursing units in CHCs and PHCs are designated as registrars for births and deaths.
Registration of births in Nagaland is good with an average of about 72,000 births being registered annually, she said.
Nonetheless, she remarked that registration of deaths is very low because people don’t come forward unless there is a specific reason to get a death certificate while the cause of death can only be certified by the medical practitioners and not anybody else.
Registration of the cause of deaths in Nagaland is still very low and there is a need to improve the certification of cause of death, she said, adding that insights into the cause of deaths will give reasons to introspect and help policy makers to streamline and reach medical services to the people appropriately.
Secretary for Health & Family Welfare Department, Asangla Imti said that mortality statistics is essential for better planning, management of programme, formulation of policies and for undertaking controlled measures in an effective and planned manner.
Any planned activities can be successful if only the statistical information is authentic and correct.
She also said that Nagaland is at the bottom among the States in India as per MCCD report.
She added that only through framing of a successful MCCD policy, the State can frame a robust health policy.
Further, as per the data of cancer control programme, the cases of cancer are alarmingly increasing in the State and cancer treatment is expensive and prevention and early detection becomes very important to ease the financial burden of the patient.
Therefore she hopes that through the two programmes launched would be vital for Nagaland.
Director of Economics & Statistics Department, NeidilhouAngami delivered the vote of thanks.
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