Monday, November 30, 2020
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Reflections In The Shadow of Covid19

We are witnessing the lockdown of entire world due to deadly Novel Coronavirus in this 21st century.This event will play an important role in socio-political history of the world. This China originated Covid19 has been giving us memories and experiences which will notbe vanished easily from the slate of mind. We all are aware that due to sudden lockdown the poor labours, daily wagers and their families are facing untold misery at this moment, the Government is trying their level best to meet their basic needs, one should understand that rapid spreading of this deadly virus will be more dangerous than the current misery. If the preventive measures of country lockdown are not imposed at this stage then we will have to pay such a heavy price that even the coming hundred generations of ours would not be able to pay. We are living in such a dangerous time that even governments of the world are helpless. German Finance Minister has committed suicide owing to the ‘worry’ of the fact that the German economy is on the verge of total collapse due to the continuous burden cause by Coronavirus. I have never seen something like this in my life, nor my parents or grandparents in their life. I am worried more because today’s world is far more complex than the world we learn about from our history books.
In the context of our state Nagaland being one among the poorest state in India as we all know very well, the Government of the day is indeed working tirelessly with all its practical limitations to face this great challenge. The state Govt sanctioned 21.60 crores to strengthen the medical Department, transferred Rs. 2000/~each to benefit 24,457 beneficiaries to registered Building & construction workers to sustain during Covid19 lockdown, distributed a total of 740 PPE(Personal preventive Equipment) in all eleven district, Rs 38 lakhs sanctioned to all the Deputy commissioner for exigency expenses and many more . This is the time we need to stand shoulder to shoulder to stop this deadly virus. I salute the employees of medical, police, administration & social organisations for their selfless contribution and grand sacrifices in the battle against this Chinese virus.
However, as I have been observing, many people are criticizing government. Many complex issues of Human Rights are being brought up by so called cyber activists. Why can’t people understand that we are living in a most complex situation of our time? Survival of Human Race is more important than any other thing. In the time of Darkness- we must step in to help who cannot help themselves. Instead of asking and expecting from government to do this and that, why can’t we all step in to become eyes, hands and heart of government in the best interest of ailing humanity?
This is not a right time to blame the Government rather to support in cash or in kind to fight together. People should remember that a failure of the Government is a failure of the people.Latest News of an initiative taken by one Sangtam women’s organization (SangtamlaruThsingmugang) to distribute food and water to the destitute people and passengers stranded at Dimapur Railway station and flyover footpathis very inspiring. People are coming out to extend helping hand without thinking about family, clan, race, colour, caste, creed, tribe, religion. Why are we so much depending on Government? State will function within its framework, but at the same time it is people who should come forward to become a helping hand of state to reach to those who are in need.
Moreover, I want to ask one question to myself, will myGodbe pleased just with my prayers and worship songs? Does God not expect human beings to be the vehicle of his ‘Divine Will’ and help each other unconditionally in the time of apocalyptic situations?Service to Mankind, as I understand, will be the ultimate worship to the lord almighty. What can be greater than wiping sorrows of someone who is helpless? What can be holier than feeding food to hungry? What can be more superior to saving people from the claws of Death?
Covid19 has been teaching us a big lesson. He made us more human. However, incidents of Racial discrimination against our northeast people are coming in the media which is sad. Just imagine, the majority of caste conscious mainland Indian population still do not understand eternal human values, unconditional love and brotherhood. However, as news report informs, the culprits involved and subsequently arrested by police in said incidents are now rotting in Jails. Our northeast brothers and sisters must develop awareness about their constitutional and legal rights in this independent country- as knowledge of rights will only enable them to defend themselves against evil of discrimination in mainland world. In spite of all the hatred and negativity in the world, I still believe that the human civilization has been evolving steadily in the light of Universal Love and Compassion and one day man will realize that his ultimate destiny is nothing else but a sublime light of ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’. I hope, one day this notion of ‘US’ and ‘THEM’ will disappear and we will live as’one’. But do we really need epidemics like COVID19 to understand this universal truth? At the end, I beseech to entire humanity- come one, come all, let us live together as one, let us fight Coronavirus as a Human Race, not just for our today, but also for ‘unknown’ tomorrow.

P. ImnasunepTzudir
B.A 2nd semester (General)
Tetso College, Dimapur, Nagaland

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