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Redesigning State education system stressed at ANCSU conference

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Kohima, October 22: “The reality of education in Nagaland is that we are receiving degrees after degrees but we are unable to stand and innovate new things for sustainable developments or even to earn our own livelihood,” stated the President, Nagaland College Principal’s Association, Dr. Visakhonü Hibo at the introductory session of the 20th Biennial General Conference of All Nagaland College Students’ Union (ANCSU) at Kohima Science College Auditorium, Jotsoma on Friday.

Cautioning that our society is doomed if the stakeholders of higher education do not give due importance, Hibo said that while the Nagaland education system is rapidly changing and rapidly moving away from rote culture to critical thinking, “there is still much more room for improvement and we have to move fast to impart quality education to our children,” she added.
Stressing on the need to unlock new ways of reinventing, redesigning, life impacting and relevant education system for people of Nagaland, she said that theoretical bookish knowledge should not always overshadow the cognitive and practical aspect of education. Higher education must be relevant for Nagaland, stated Hibo.
She also voiced the need for any institutions in Nagaland to be under the purview of the government. Any student body is important stakeholders in the field of higher education and we must be vigilant to ensure that quality of education is imparted to students particularly in our state, she said.
While lauding the efforts of ANCSU in taking up issues which are meant to benefit the students of Nagaland, Hibo also stressed on the need for the stakeholders of higher education to be ethical, unbiased, informed and effective in order to be relevant player in the field of education in the country and beyond.
Slowly but steadily Nagaland is making strides in benchmarking quality education initiatives with the timely review of NAAC and the Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) under the purview of the department of Higher Education. However, on the other hand some colleges are faring so pathetically, she said.
“There should be some mechanisms developed in order to check the quality of education in Nagaland because everybody who is studying in colleges and universities are our children. We should see that some semblance of decent education is imparted to wherever our children are studying irrespective of whichever company or organization has set up colleges and universities,” she said.
Hibo maintained that Nagaland should not be allowed to become a hub of commercial educational institutes imparting poor quality education. A lot of institutes do a lot of media campaigns but when really look at it, the ingredients necessary for a robust institution that will benefit a student is absent, she added.

While lauding ANCSU for its positive role in Nagaland education system as a pressure group, Hibo urged that any new institutions that may arise in Nagaland should come under the purview of the State Government. “Or else every tom, dick and harry will come and set up institutions just for money and run away,” she added.
Principal, Kohima Science College, Dr. Lily Sema also expressed her confidence in ANCSU for competently taking up sensitive issues for the welfare of the students.
She commended that all members are young, educated, vibrant, and enthusiastic about creating a powerful youth force. And it is on these young men and women that the future of our nation depends, she added.
President, Angami Students’ Union (ASU), Bisevi Nakhro in his greetings appreciated the works of ANCSU for the past 42 years and their unrelenting zeal to promote cooperation, unity, and encourage the student community despite the pandemic. He further urged the congregation not to waste time scrambling over tribal issues, denomination issues, egoistic issues, or leadership issues and instead, we should make time to support one another and work hand in hand.” (Page News Service)