Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Reclaim Nagaland from violence and desolation, appeals Governor

R N Ravi

DIMAPUR, NOVEMBER 30: Governor RN Ravi today called upon the people of Nagaland to reclaim the State from violence and desolation and restore the glories it deserves.

In a message on the eve of the 58th Statehood Day of Nagaland, the Governor said Nagaland today stands at the crossroads of history and the right decision taken today will determine the future and the destiny of coming generations.
“With common understanding having been reached on all the issues on the table and conclusion of talks on October 31, 2019, the people of Nagaland are anxiously waiting for the new dawn. However, there are some people who are standing as a roadblock to the aspirations of the people of Nagaland. I urge these people to see the writings on the wall, to come out of their make-believe echo-chamber and listen to the voice of the people and in a true democratic spirit respect their wishes,” he appealed.
As Nagaland prepare to embark on a new journey, Ravi appealed to the people on this Statehood Day to commit to building the Nagaland of the dreams of its founding fathers – a Nagaland where the free-spirit of the people will blossom to the fullest, where the youth will dream big in an environment conducive to fulfilling those dreams, where people will no longer live under the shadow of invisible guns, where entrepreneurs will not have to bury their ideas and aspirations for fear of extortions in the guise of illegal taxations, where free-speech and progressive ideas proliferate, where youths do not have to choose guns for livelihood, where opportunities will abound, and where the laws and justice shall prevail.
Stating that Nagaland State is an abiding testimony to the triumph of the politics of peace over the politics of bloodshed, he said it is a proud saga of the indomitable Naga spirit which rejected the politics of gun and gun powder in favour of politics of democracy and dialogue.
“On this Day, we proudly remember our founding fathers for their political forbearance in upholding the true Naga democratic spirit in which they held widespread consultations among all the tribes of Nagaland and initiated a socio-political churning among them on the nature and course of the future of the people. Over three years of intense political process helped crystallise the free-will of the people which was subsequently translated into reality through political dialogue with the Government of India. The Government of India recognised the uniqueness of the Nagas and sanctified it in Article 371-A of the Indian Constitution. Nagaland State was born with adequate special safeguards to the identity and interests of the Naga people,” he said.
The Governor saluted the founding fathers for their achievements for the people of Nagaland – which could have been otherwise unthinkable. “Violence could never achieve and shall never achieve anything like this. History bears testimony to the fact that armed insurgencies have rarely succeeded in achieving their political objectives and have invariably left a trail of blood, betrayal and bitterness.”
Ravi maintained that protracted armed insurgency and endless peace process have taken an unacceptable heavy toll on the people of Nagaland.
“Since 1980, the people of Nagaland have suffered enormously by the guns of people from outside the State, inspired by Maoist ideology and tactics. In pursuance of their new found political ideology which was antithetical to the inherent ethos, values and customary systems of Naga society, they unleashed a cultural genocide, akin to the Cultural Revolution in our neighbouring Country and killed thousands of Nagas including infants and women and tried to exterminate the tribal and intellectual leadership of Nagaland. Free-speech was muzzled with guns and political dissenters were exterminated. Scores of churches were destroyed. These are documented facts of history. Those who lost their kin have neither forgotten their loved ones nor forgiven the perpetrators.”
Stating that Nagaland’s most precious resource, the human resource, has suffered the most, he stated that over the decades, more so since the beginning of the peace process, Nagaland State has steadily declined on the Human Development Indices relative to other States in the Northeast region. “We are lagging behind in all the critical sectors like education, health, infrastructure and livelihood. Over 60% of our youth are not reaching the High School and our roads are in abysmal conditions. Pace and quality of our infrastructure development is grossly compromised,” he rued.
Stating that Nagaland has to be rescued from the fatal grip of the vicious circle of vices, he said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seriously committed to it from day one of his taking charge.

The Governor also paid tribute to the founding fathers of Nagaland – the leaders of the Naga Peoples’ Convention, martyrs and countless Nagas whose blood, toil, sweat and sacrifices led to the birth of the 16th State of the Union of India.
“We remember them with utmost gratitude for their strategic foresight and political vision in uniting the Nagas living in Assam and NEFA and creating this beautiful State with extraordinary constitutional safeguards to their unique identity and interests,” he added.
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