Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Rebuttal to LPO’s 15 day ultimatum to LH

The Lotha Hoho Guidelines approved on 22nd Nov. 1990 first amendment approved on 30th Nov 1999 firstly says that there shall be no election but only selection due to the fact that election breeds unhealthy practices which can damage the sanctity of the Hoho. Secondly, it says that there shall be no nomination or campaign of any sort to the office of Lotha Hoho. The reason behind it is because nomination automatically leads to campaign activity. Thirdly, the House in session shall appoint/select a Protem Speaker and a Select Committee just before the end of tenure to select the new office bearers and oversee the installation. The Select Committee, a team of seven members comprising four from the then Executives and a member each from the three ranges of the District, shall select the new office bearers based on the guideline’s criteria of integrity and strong moral character.
In strict compliance to the above mentioned guidelines, as the tenure of the LH drew near, a meeting was called on 26th Nov.’18 wherein a Protem speaker and the Select Committee members were appointed by the House. On the time given to the Select Committee for declaration of their findings, a general meeting was convened on 3rd December 2018 for declaration of the results. As is the practice, the Protem Speaker took the chair along with his Recording Secretary and conducted the day’s proceedings. The convener of the Select Committee was then asked to read out the names of the new Office Bearers after which the Speaker called out the new members to take their seats with applause in acceptance by the House. And as has been the practice to dedicate, the Speaker cordially invited Rev. Dr.L.L Kikon to pray over the new office bearers and it was at this moment that Mr. R. Ezong, IAS (Rtd) and Mr. Y.Sulanthung H.Lotha, Ex. MLA interrupted querying as to why their nomination papers were not considered to which the Speaker said that it violates sect (II) 1(a) of the LH Guidelines and hence rejected. In protest, the duo along with few of their supporters walked out of the ceremony. Nevertheless, undeterred by the rouge element the dedication ceremony was completed with God’s blessings. This is the truth and the whole truth.
Mr Sulanthung and R.Ezong, in defiance, went on to form the so called “LPO” by lying to the innocent public that the present Hoho was not selected as per LH guidelines but the plain truth is because neither of them was selected as Chairman. They have even gone on to serve an unwarranted ultimatum to Lotha Hoho, appeared on 31st July 2019 local dailies, alleging that the selection process of the current Lotha Hoho team was unjust, unfair and lacked transparency. It may be noted here that all Lotha Hoho officials since 1990 amended in 1999 till date has been selected as per the laid down Guidelines which also installed the office bearers of Kyong Hoho as well. If we go by the reasoning of the duo then it will amount to nullifying all the officials selected since 1990 because they followed the LH Guidelines.
KLH appeals to all to let sensibility prevail among us rather than fall prey to the game of vested interest individuals and groups.

Nchumbemo Tungoe
Chairman, Kohima Lotha Hoho

Thunglamo Ovung
General Secretary, Kohima Lotha Hoho

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