Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Realism in the Naga context

On Saturday, April 27, 2024, the apex Naga civil society organizations, the Church and the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) met to express our appreciation to the Naga political groups (NPGs) for their commitment to cooperate on the essentials of the Naga political and historical rights and call upon all Naga citizens and people of Naga-Land, to offer critical solidarity during this period of renewed “co-operation” among the NPGs.
Consequently, in the meeting of the Church and the apex Naga civil society organizations, we have agreed to support the Naga Plebiscite Day, May 16, 2024, program to be held in Dimapur and call upon all to render their full support to the Naga historical mark having an abiding significance.
In addition, today’s meeting agreed on the following matters:
1. Whatever the nature of differences within the Naga family, we state in the strongest terms that, violence of words, statements, and bloodshed will not be accepted by the Naga people.
Above all, as resolved on 14 September, 2022, in the “September Joint Accordant”, that reads: “. . . We guard against the deep rifts that divide us, and commit to transcending group differences through cooperation.”
We place on record our gratitude to the NPGs for honoring the “Covenant of Reconciliation (CoR) to this day. Likewise, the Church and the apex civil society organizations in Naga-Land diligently watch for continuing the commitment to follow the CoR in letter and in spirit.
2. “The Naga National Anthem” that was officially resolved in the 56 Tatar Hoho Session, Naga National Council, 2006, written and composed by the late R. Kevichusa, is a divine gift to the Naga people. Though FNR is not an official body to resolve any Naga political agenda, we want all NPGs and the Naga citizens to support what has been approved.
Accordingly, on Saturday, 13 April, 2024, the NPGs accepted the approved Naga National Anthem enthusiastically and by the same token, the Church and the apex Naga civil society organizations, on 27 April, 2024, welcomed the decisions and added that all Nagas must learn the anthem.
3. The meeting further discussed the “rampant unabated multiple taxation” with deep concern and highlighting that it is the common man and woman who suffers.
Today, the FNR in much anguish calls on the NPGs to do a serious socio-political analysis without delay. The present “here and now” (existential) quest for economic survival is a dangerous sign of political bankruptcy. FNR hopes that the NPGs will have the courage to address this matter without further delay.
Realism in our context is envisaging that the Naga world is possible, and this has become the rallying point with a renewed spirit of active hope recovered from the past despite the many fault lines. This hope is indeed from an honest critique of the past to a new imagination of change that will pave the future.
Issued by:
Forum for Naga Reconciliation