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Ready to go to jail to defend Christian faith: Shurho


Dimapur, June 20: Former chief minister and NPF president, Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has declared that he is ready to go to jail to defend the Christian faith in Nagaland.
Reacting to the allegation by the NDPP that he is a ‘a President on bail’, the NPF chief said, “I stand for the truth and If I should go to jail for what I have said to defend my own faith, even if they jail me, I will not be worried, but I will rather be proud of it for defending my people and my faith.”
In a rejoinder, Shurhozelie said the NDPP had filed FIR against him just before the recently concluded bye-election in Nagaland saying that he had indulged in highly inflammatory speeches which had the effect of promoting feelings of enmity, hatred and ill-will and creating disharmony between different communities on the ground of religion.
Shurhozelie admitted to saying “we have freedom of religion in Nagaland as per the provision of Article 25 of the Constitution of India; but in some BJP ruled
States, this freedom is no more,” and declared that he would defend the Christian faith in Nagaland and appealed to his party leaders to tell the people the truth what the Christians have been facing in the country today.
“The NDPP wanted to arrest me and therefore they have filed FIR against me. If so, why they failed to arrest me. Do they think that they could cow me down by doing this,” he asked.
“I believe those who tried to arrest me in support of Hindutva are all Christians. I am no body to force any one to stand with me if any one feels it a danger to take a stand against the anti-Christian violence. When one goes through ‘Persecution Relief’ reports, detail of incidents of anti-Christian violence in different States are available. NDPP’s stand to suppress the people to speak the truth goes against the spirit of the Constitution of the country,” he stated.
Stating that he would be be happy to bring out the reports of anti-Christian violence in India from time to time to give opportunity to NDPP to jail him if they like it, Shurhozelie added, “I will continue to protect my own faith under any circumstances and nobody can stop me talking about it.” (Page News Service)