RD Dept clarifies to NPF allegations

RD Dept clarifies to NPF allegations

Dimapur, April 16: The Department of Rural Development has clarified that the question of the new principal secretary, RD, allocating MGNREGA funds at his whims does not arise.
Reacting to a NPF allegation that the new principal secretary, RD was implementing MGNREGS at his own whims and fancies due to which the department and VDB’s were facing difficulties, RD Director, Imlimeren Jamir said the principal secretary being the commissioner of MGNREGA by default, allocates and sanctions all the fund to the districts. “All proposals and allocations are made by the Department based on the requirement of the District/Block/Village and is placed to the Commissioner, MGNREGA for approval and sanctioning. Therefore the question of funds being allocated at the whims of the Principal Secretary/Commissioner (MGNREGA) does not arise,” he clarified.
On the allegation that the GoI has sanctioned Rs 285 crores and that the present Government has misused the Central fund by deducting high percentage instead of disbursing it to the VDBs for development, the RD Department clarified that Rs 140 crores have been released to the VDBs and that the remaining amount is awaiting clearance from the State Government and not as alleged.
It also clarified that Nagarjan (Kuda) Village C Khel being a bonafide recognised Naga village having a total job card of 1820 is entitled to demand for work and take up any work in the village based on the requirement under the scheme, as per guidelines.
While appreciating the initiative taken up by concerned political parties for proper implementation of MGNREGA, the RD Department felt that it maybe too premature for any party to judge the credibility of the officer in question who took charge of the Department on April 1, 2018 only. It requested all parties/organisations/individuals concerned to extend fullest cooperation and support to the Department in facilitating the interests and welfare of the VDBs. (Page News Service)