Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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RD Dept accuses NPRAAF of misleading public


Says freezing bank account needed to enable DBT

Dimapur, April 25: The State Rural Development Department has accused the NPRAAF of “irresponsibly” confusing and misleading the public by questioning the department on freezing the bank account of job card holders under MGNREGA.
In a clarification, RD secretary Neposo Theluo said, “…without verifying and knowing the proper functioning of the system, the NPRAAF has irresponsibly confused and misled the general public.”
The department stated that under MGNREGA, Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) is done through eFMS (Electronic Fund Management System) using NREGA-Soft MIS. To enable DBT, every worker under MGNREGA must have bank account which should be registered in the MIS. After registering the accounts, respective BDO will check and verify the accounts, if the BDO is satisfied with the authenticity of the accounts, the BDO must ‘Freeze” the accounts in the system (MIS), it said.
“When the accounts are frozen by the BDO no changes can be made in the accounts. Only after the accounts are ‘Frozen”, DBT is enabled. In other words, without “Freezing” accounts in the NREGA-Soft MIS, DBT cannot be implemented for MGNREGA. This procedure is universal throughout the country.”
Stating that the RD department has gone extra mile in opening bank accounts for MGNREGA workers despite so many hurdles, the clarification informed that presently a total of 1,73,075 bank accounts have been opened for MGNREGA workers in various banks throughout the State. “Out of which, only 32,637 accounts have been verified and frozen.
These frozen accounts are already in DBT mode and wages are going directly to the respective accounts,” it said.
The clarification also informed that the State were asked to freeze bank accounts of workers by March 15, 2019, and accordingly instruction was given to all PDs and BDOs to freeze accounts of job card holders to facilitate implementation of DBT.
“Having found that freezing of accounts was not being done at desired level, the letter dated 18th April was issued to all PDs and BDOs,” the department clarified. The April 18 letter was the order that the NPRAAF had raised in its press release. (Page News Service)