Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Ravi’s order ‘extension of fascism’: Naga Hoho

Nagaland News

DIMAPUR, FEBRUARY 10: Terming Governor RN Ravi’s recent orders concerning the profiling and conduct of State Government employees as “dictatorial” and “an extension of fascism in Nagaland”, the Naga Hoho has asked the Chief Minister and his Cabinet not to allow the former to undermine the existence of an elected government.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Naga Hoho maintained that the Governor’s recent orders -requiring State Government employees to provide the list of their relatives who may be connected to NPGs and asking the State Government to initiate action against employees indulging in acts of “sedition”-do not reflect well of his intent and agenda.
“Such directives from the Governor to the state government are nothing but another form to dehumanise the Naga people’s hopes and aspiration. The Naga Hoho understand this as an extension of fascism in Nagaland where the Naga people who have been traditionally democratic are suddenly assumed as unfit to govern themselves that the Governor is trying to break the people into tribes, groups and is now beginning to target and criminalize individuals.
“We strongly condemn the attempt to prosecute Dr Inato Jimomi and to stifle the rest of the Nagas. We assert that Dr Jimomi or any Naga have the right and the freedom to express our love for our land and in doing so it is not to advocate against India but a natural expression of any Naga who have experienced suffering borne out of conflict and militarization and continue to bear the brunt of it,” the statement read.
It accused Ravi the Governor of trying to achieve what he could not as “a negotiator of peace process”, and of not even having the civility to consult, and listen to, the elected government.

“When one doctor is targeted may all the doctors, the teachers, professors, bankers and the Nagas rise! The Naga Hoho appeal to all the Nagas to stand together against such persecution and injustice,” it stated. (Page News Service)