Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Ranveer Singh speaks about ban on Pak artistes

Actor Ranveer Singh has said that even if one soldiers’ mother believe that we should not engage with Pakistan, we should honour those wishes. The actor was answering a question about the ban on Pakistan artistes in India in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack in which 40 CRPF?personnel were killed. The ban was imposed by cine organisations such as All Indian Cine Workers Association after the February 14 attack.
Speaking at India Today Conclave, Ranveer said, “Now, I am very cognizant that there is this school of thought that one should not mix art with it, or sport with it. These are different realms.”
“But, at the same time, us as artists, or us as sportsmen, or us as spectators, we are not sacrificing the way some of our compatriots are. If there are people in the forces or their near and dear ones, loved ones, what their sentiments are, how they feel about it should have the highest value and highest importance. I am saying if there is even one mother of a soldier who believes that we should not engage, then we should respect that sentiment. I think what they want should be of utmost importance to us,” he explained.
At the same event, Ranveer said how the attack had left him frustrated and angry, “Gully Boy had come out on the same day as the Pulwama attack. The response to Gully Boy was staggering and overwhelming. I should have been on top of the world. But I was actually down in the dumps. I was disillusioned. I was frustrated and angry.”
It may be recalled that some time back, actor Vidya Balan too was asked about the issue. She was quoted by IANS as saying that though she believed that there was no better way of bringing people together than arts, after Pulwama attack, there was a need to take a break from this practice.
She has said, “Though I have always believed that art should be kept away from all boundaries and politics, I think we have to take a stand now. Enough is enough.”
“As an individual I believe that there is no better way to bring people together than arts, be it music, poetry, dance, theatre, cinema or any other art form. But this time I think we should just take a break from this practice and see what can be done for the future. As I said, some tough calls have to be taken at some point,” she had added.