Random transfers & postings


Transfers and postings of officers in our State administration on frequent basis do not appear to augur well for the Government as well as the people. This exercise appears to have become an industry for the ministers and politicians, who are guided by their whims and fancies, besides liking and disliking of the individuals for posting of officers in the State. There appears to be no parameters adopted for affecting the transfers and postings of officers in the administration. Every now and then, the ministers have transfers as a major agenda. This is particularly visible when a new Government takes charge. It is not know whether there are rules and regulations in place for evaluating the merits and demerits of the officers at the place of their postings, or even if there are such rules, whether it is followed or not. But the way in which transfers and postings are being ordered in the State in a whimsical manner indicate otherwise. Another curious observation is the way in which officers accused of corrupt practices at their present or previous posting, are most of the time, rewarded with plum postings of their choice by the successive State governments. Complaints of the public or opposition party against such officers are not only set aside but also dumped for their being one-sided affair without any inquiry. In fact, the way in which officers accused of corruption are ordered to be transferred and posted as per the choice of the ministers concerned indicates that there is a thriving transfer market. It is a sad state of affairs that no time frame for a particular posting is adhered to when the transfers are ordered by the Government. The officers have barely few weeks or few months at their present place of posting when they are shifted. Moreover, such postings are ordered before the officers have a grasp of the departments under their charge and start working on the new assignment. Apart from what has happened in the past, the present Government appears to be treading on the same beaten path which has been adopted by the previous governments on transfers and postings of officers. Reportedly now the interferences of the ministers and politicians have gone down to the extent of choice of candidates at the level of police posts and police stations on one side and revenue officials on the other. The choice of posting for officials is either in the commercial hub of the State, Dimapur, or State capital Kohima. Ostensibly ministers, legislators and politicians do everything in their power to ensure that officers of their choice are posted in these two districts. No wonder these officials are frequently uprooted from one place or the other without any justification. In such a situation, such officials do their best to please their masters – the ministers and politicians – at the cost of public service in order to ensure that they are not immediately uprooted from their place of posting. It is not only the police or revenue officials; the same is true in respect of officials in other departments of the Government. The choice place of posting is Dimapur or Kohima. Clearly the random ordering of transfer and posting of officials and employees is not doing the general populace any good, while it adds to the uncertainty of the employees. We have seen employees transferred to one place and overnight the orders modified at the instance of the ministers due to their likings and disliking. Indeed such whimsical behaviour of the politicians has only added to the uncertainty in the departments under the charge of these officers and there is a feeling of Damocles sword hanging over their heads for no reason. The point is that instead of having productive output from the officers, frequent transfers have only disturbed the working conditions in the Government departments.