Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Random transfer and posting harms the morale and enthusiasm of officers

The Government from time to time exercises bureaucratic reshuffles. Sometimes, it is necessary to have such exercises when there are due. But sometimes such random and premature transfer and posting exercises affect the smooth functioning of the departments when officers being randomly and prematurely transferred and posted on the political pressures without knowing pros and cons. Because while bureaucratic reshuffling taking place or transfer and posting taking place, the officers sometimes have to start all over again while a few might be returning to the departments they held years back. In such exercise, the smooth functioning of the departments is badly affected.
At the same time, transfer and posting exercise is mostly done through political pressures as already stated. Because of this, such exercises have become a mockery in the eyes of the people. There are cases that even after transfer and posting orders have been issued, the concerned officers will never oblige to it and they remain adamant and will continue to stay at their own conveniences.
Also transferring officers from the present postings where he or she were posted in two/three months back to another posting places normally harm not only the morale and enthusiasm of the officers but also destroys the system of the institutions. This is more damaging to the relationships between the publics and the administrative apparatus.
One can ostensibly see how such cases have happened in the recent transfer and posting of around 93 IAS/IFA/NCS/NSS officers in the State.
It is regretted that TL Kiusumong Tikhir, ADC, Satakha is transferred and posted as ADC Noklak, because he has been posted as ADC Satakha just a few months back. In fact, the administrative dust has just started settling down for his to take off functioning as
Administrative Head and working out the roadmap for overall developmental activities in the areas. Surprisingly, he is among the officers who have been transferred and posted in different places and departments in the recent exercise.
This is not good for the welfare of the Satakha people and therefore, we have urged the Government to reconsider his transfer and posting, and retain him as Satakha ADC for the larger interest of the people in the areas.
It is also reminded that there is shortage of administrative officers in the Satakha areas. There two EAC outposts – Sappiqa and Satoi- but only one EAC is looking after the areas.
Mughato Achumi
Concerned citizen
Satakha Areas

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