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Random checking of ILP create fear amongst non-Nagas in Dimapur


Dimapur, February 29: Random checking of Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Dimapur by district administration and police has created a fear amongst the non-Naga denizens in Dimapur even as 30-35 people were rounded up on Thursday for non-possession of the ILP, which has been implemented in Dimapur now.
Sudden checking of ILP on non-Nagas at City Tower on Thursday and imposition of penalties has created fear and apprehension amongst the non-Naga communities residing in Dimapur.
People from Dimapur town today said that the market has started suffering with sales going down day by day and on Friday most of the business houses could see drop in customers. This has been happening for the past few days, especially after ILP has been implemented in Dimapur district, they said.
When Nagaland Page contacted DC Dimapur, Anoop Khinchi, IAS about the random checking drive yesterday, he said the district administration has initiated checking of ILP in many areas of Dimapur and there will be regular checking. He urged the people to start availing the Inner Line Permit in order to be on the safe side.
It may be mentioned that the Dimapur District Administration started issuing three categories of ILP forms from February 14 last from several locations in the town, including the DC’s office.
On Thursday’s incident, it was learnt that those people who did not possess the ILP were apprehended by Dimapur police and taken to police station, but were later released after they paid fines.
The DC said that those people who were fined did not possess any documents such as Voter ID card, Aadhar Card, etc. so they were taken to police station and released after collecting the fines from them.
“Majority of them were not carrying any documents, leave aside ILP”, he said and added that under the ILP Act, there is a provision for imposing fines.
“So the officials have imposed fines under the Act. Upto Rs 1000, we can impose fines”, Anoop Khinchi said.
He said that they were released after paying the penalties and the fines collected were deposited in the District Treasury.
Elaborating on the imposition of fines on ILP defaulters, Anoop Khinchi said there are two ways: Firstly if a person is caught without having the ILP, their IDs and other required documents will be checked and ILP will be issued on the spot.
Secondly, since they were not having even any of their IDs, so they were asked to pay penalty and that is very much as per the Act.
Anoop Khinchi said people should carry their IDs and apply for ILP.
Thursday’s incident has definitely triggered panic amongst non-Naga citizens, who rushed in large numbers to ILP centres to collect the forms on Friday. A long queue was seen in one of the centres this morning, while many rushed to DC office to get ILP forms or obtain ILP for themselves.
It is interesting to note that though random checking of ILP has begun in town areas, the district administration has not set up any ILP check gates at New Field Check Gate and Dillai Check Gate, which are entry points for people coming to Nagaland from outside the state.
While random checking of ILP in town areas has begun in Dimapur, there is still confusion amongst the non-Naga community as to how to go about and obtain the ILP as much awareness has not been created on the different categories of ILP forms.
Even there is widespread resentment over school children being asked to obtain ILP, along with their parents, which according to sources, is not practised in other ILP regulated states of the Northeast. (Page News Service)