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Rachü Union Kohima celebrates golden jubilee


Kohima, April 13: The Rachü Union Kohima (RUK) celebrated golden jubilee today at the Naga Heritage Village, Kisama (Amphitheater) with NPP MLA Tsielhoutuo (Ato) Rhütso and former NDPP MLA Zale Neikha as the chief patrons.
Rachü is a khel (sector) of Viswema village and RUK works for the welfare of the khel residing in Kohima.
Addressing the gathering Dr Ato said jubilee is not just about celebration but to look at how to forge the way ahead by being relevant to the present time and situation.
He urged the people to keep love and compassion in the centre of everything while adding that if there is love and compassion for one another, there is no will to do harm or commit crime in the society but there is patience in the person.
Speaking about relationship and association in Kohima, Rhütso said Tsütuonuomia and Dapfhütsumia Khel of Kohima village were considered not just guardians of their people but as brothers and family for the union.
“When a person has love and compassion in the heart, he has the willingness to share, reconcile and give to the society,” he said while encouraging each one to adopt love and compassion in oneself and among one another.
Dr Ato also stressed on the need to document the oral history and called to further strengthen friendship, family ties and association.
As an elected representative, Dr Ato also sought the support and cooperation of the people and assured that he would give back his back to the people and fulfill the aspirations for the good of the people.
Former MLA Neikha challenged the members to walk towards determination and commit themselves to giving back to the community by being relentless.
He said the jubilee was a time of renewal for the community, a time of forgiveness and reconciliation on enmity among one another.
In order to foster the way forward, Neikha said wherever the clan members are present, they must live in unity and contentment with one another, uplifting the weak and contribute with the best of what one gives back to the community.
Speaking about the present scenario in the society where the younger generation was plagued with lack of employment, the speaker said despite the high literacy rate and excellence in academics, society has become very competitive today in every sphere of life.
Although there were members scripting success in competitive exams and various other fields, Neikha lamented that there were no members clearing top examinations especially in the field of civil services examination.
He called to reflect on the reason and said it is primarily because of our complacent nature and largely due lack of determination and consistency.
Keviswedel Kin highlighted the inception of RUK saying that the villagers came to Kohima town for business, education and employment. Kin said like-minded people had come together observing the need to stay united and associated.
D Khel Kohima village chairman Pele Khezhie and T Khel Kohima village chairman K Neibou Sekhose extended greetings on the occasion while Mission Director, ABCC Rev Atha Neikha pronounced the invocation. Welcome address was delivered by RUK president Dzüvihol Kweho, vote of thanks by convenor organizing committee Keyiekhrü Rhütso and benediction by Associate Pastor Viswema Baptist Church Vireto Theyo. A folk tune by women folk of the khel enthralled the gathering.
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